Kayleigh McEnany slams Kamala Harris, saying she “lost the media” because of her “ineptitude”

“Outnumbered” co-host Kayleigh McEnany criticized Vice President Kamala Harris, saying she “lost the media” because of her “incompetence” after reports surfaced suggesting she felt underused in its role. McEnany made the remarks on “Outnumbered” Thursday, arguing that there must be a “bit of truth to the matter,” citing a CNN report with dozens of sources.

KAMALA HARRIS laughs when asked if she feels misused by the biden administration: “no, I don’t”

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: Harris, I just heard her say that she doesn’t feel misused or underused, except we have over three dozen sources, that’s what CNN got, over three dozen sources saying that it is. That’s almost 40 people who say she feels bad or underused. So I think there is a little bit of truth to the question when you have so many sources, and she complains about the media coverage and she is under attack. You know Jen Psaki says it’s because of her identity that she is attacked. This woman started this presidency with these kinds of headlines. It was a flattering blanket, Harris. You will remember. New York Times, One Hundred Days Vice Presidential Style, The Los Angeles Times created a beat for Kamala Harris called “Covering Kamala Harris”, a “beat dedicated to his historic rise to the White House.” He’s someone who started off by flattering the media who has since lost the media because, oh wait, not his identity. His job performance. The border is on fire. She did not pass a law on the right to vote. Her ability or incompetence, should I say, is the reason she loses the media.


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