Letter: Elect more Democrats

Through Phil Brna

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I read Beverly Churchill’s January 18 letter in which she wrote that we need campaign finance reform. I agree 100%. She also said we should demand action from our US Senators, Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, and our Representative, Don Young. I say, don’t waste your time.

I’ve written many letters and all I get are platitudes, especially from Sullivan and Young. They will do nothing about campaign finance reform — just as they will do nothing about health care for all; on COVID-19; on voting rights; on climate change; on the Build Back Better Act and so many important issues for the future of the country and the planet.

They belong to Donald Trump’s party; the Republican Party. The party of no, the party of the rich. If we want change and a government that works for all citizens, we must work to elect more Democrats.

—Phil Brna


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