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After the “9-11” tragedy, America and Partners sued Bin Laden in Afghanistan. In “2003” “W” took a left turn to introduce Iraq with all the strength and fury of the US military; it was the war that should never have been. If we had hit Afghanistan with the same intensity, we would have come out in three to five years and today the country would be free. Every president from Bush to Biden has reaffirmed that a day will come when we will leave. Trump and Pompeo negotiated the “withdrawal” with the Taliban and went snooker, but their efforts were approved by the GOP. No one could have predicted the rapid collapse of the Afghan military and these same Republicans now disparage Biden for the way things turned out, however, having remained completely silent when Trump abandoned the Kurds in a rapid withdrawal and unexpected from US forces. Regardless of who had been president, the Afghan exit would have gone badly under the circumstances.

When things go well, Republicans take credit for it and when they do badly, they blame Democrats in general and the President in particular. There is nothing “Grand Old Party” anymore. They haven’t had any original ideas or done anything for the American people since the presidency of HW Bush who represented all Americans and for whom I voted twice. During the HW presidency, Democrats and Republicans called themselves “worthy opposition.” The Republican Party has swayed more and more to the right since the advent of Newt Gingrich. Besides tax cuts for the rich, what have they done for America? They will gerrymander, they will pass a voter suppression law, and do whatever they can to turn America into a one-party autocracy.

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