Letters: We must accelerate the eradication of COVID-19; Texas Democrats fled the state, shirked their homework; Beside the GOP, the criticism of the Democrats laughable

The COVID variants are more deadly. Miraculously, we have accelerated the emergency use of vaccines to help fight COVID-19. Vaccines are not 100% effective and we are still learning how vaccines actually work in the general population.

Now we have learned from the groundbreaking cases of our unmasked vaccines that they can be infected with the delta variant and can be asymptomatic carriers. Until we get to a safer place, we all need to mask ourselves again and diehards need to get vaccinated.

What is confusing or difficult to understand about this? The US-based Spanish flu lasted almost four years before going away on its own. We must do all we can to accelerate the eradication of COVID.

Listen to reliable sources, not social media posters and political leaders who have lost their reasoning skills and common sense. Donald Trump has been vaccinated, but he is ashamed to tell you that he is part of the national count of fully vaccinated.

Joyce Matsuo

Kalihi Valley

Workload overwhelms healthcare workers

COVID-19 has ended my 40-year career in emergency medicine, but I remain in touch with my family and friends who continue to face the realities COVID brings every day.

Hospital administrators talk about high bed capacity without taking note of overcrowded emergency rooms, often closed to ambulances and housing admitted patients with COVID-19 and other conditions. Patients often cannot obtain specialized care.

Nurses and staff are overwhelmed. Nurses are often asked to work 12 to 16 hour shifts.

There doesn’t seem to be a deep understanding of the toll this pandemic is taking on the very people who are trying to serve patients and save lives.

We now have an unprecedented wave of new infections, which will inevitably result in a new demand for nurses and staff to step in and deal with whatever COVID has to throw in Hawaii.

Now is not the time to ask them to also deal with the tourist crowds, or fill elective surgery schedules, or relax restrictions. It’s time to protect our medical community and our residents with meaningful action.

Daniel smith

Hawaii Kai

Government should push vaccine mandates

It is clear that we have gone beyond the point of trusting people to use their conscience and sanity to get vaccinated. The incentives didn’t work either.

The government must take decisive action and mandate vaccinations for the following people: All city and state employees, as well as all adults who work with children under 12 and other vulnerable populations . It should also restrict access to restaurants, shops, indoor places and public transport only to those who have been fully immunized.

Freedom and personal rights do not mean that you can endanger the life and health of others by refusing to be vaccinated.

Matt Nakamura

Hawaii Kai

Texas Democrats fled the state and evaded their homework

Imagine our health care providers at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic refusing to care for patients in urgent need of medical care because they feared death or serious illness; our Ocean Safety rescuers observing a swimmer in distress in need of assistance but refusing to act for fear of death or injury; our firefighters refusing to respond to a major fire due to exposure to toxic chemicals or other fears; our paramedics refusing a medical emergency request for fear of exposure to viruses.

The aforementioned calls to duty can only be performed by individuals engaged in their often ungrateful acts of heroism.

But by rising as “heroes”, when they ran with their tail between their legs from the safety of their legislative chambers, in the face of the simple threat of heated debate, the Democrats of Texas presented themselves as real cowards. (“Texas Democrats Dig After Exodus; GOP Threatens To Stop,” Star-Advertiser, Top News, July 13). Shoot them! They do not know the true meaning of acts of heroism.

Clayton L. Pasion


Beside the GOP, the criticism of the Democrats laughable

As I read John Tamashiro’s letter, I wondered if he had been asleep for five years or if he was warming up his stand-up routine (“Democrats’ Proposals A Recipe for Disaster,” Star-Advertiser, August 2 ). Criticizing Democrats after a Republican administration let 500,000 people die and then attempted a coup by an elected president is surprisingly brazen. Nothing Democrats could do would equal the disaster named Trump.

But I must also challenge his claims. To say there is a pandemic wave of crime is ludicrous, and blaming the increase in crime on the funding of the police and the opening of the border is just as laughable. Money orders and defective messaging? Ha, ha, ha: Many Republican-led states deny their localities and municipalities the right to mandate anything that could save lives, but they keep pushing The Big Lie.

I would be happy to debate some or all of these issues, but Republicans would rather wage a culture war.

Jim keefe



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