Marsha Blackburn Report: Challenging President Joe Biden’s Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates

US SenateWashington DC – As grocery store shelves are empty and Tennessee businesses struggle to fill jobs, President Joe Biden should do everything in his power to find a solution. Instead, Biden issued an ultimatum to force countless American workers to get bitten or fired.

Resolving the disapproval that I joined alongside my colleagues will reverse Biden’s unconstitutional power play to fire American workers who have sacrificed their security to keep the country running.

Securing our southern border

During my visit to the southern border last month, I saw with my own eyes that our country is in crisis because of President Joe Biden’s open borders program.

President Joe Biden has spent billions of taxpayer dollars to undo the construction of our border wall, and he is pushing illegal immigration even further with his proposal to issue millions of dollars in settlement payments.

Along with my Senate colleagues, I supported efforts to fully fund the border wall and ensure that taxpayer dollars are not spent on reparations for illegal immigrants. I am taking action to prevent the radical White House political agenda of making every city a border town and every state a border state.

Ensure continuity of care for veterans

Taking care of our veterans is a priority. The Tennessee veterans community deserves access to essential services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This week, I sent a letter asking Joe Biden’s administration to detail the impact of widespread immunization warrants on the VA’s ability to provide service to veterans if it fires employees who choose not to. receive the vaccine against the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Fighting for lower gas prices

American families shouldn’t have to pay more at the pump for the Biden administration‘s flawed climate policies. That is why my colleagues and I introduced the Gas Price Law to reduce the cost of gasoline. It is clear that the White House would rather muddy the waters than face the reality that its “green energy” program is directly harming the American people.

Support American Truckers

Our country is facing a shortage of truckers. Coupled with existing supply chain issues, the lack of new truck drivers puts our economy at risk. This week, I sent a letter to the Deputy Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration asking for a policy change that would allow Americans 18 and over to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Read my letter here.

The roundup of Marsha

The people of Tennessee don’t want to pay for Joe Biden’s big government spending.

Federal mandates on COVID vaccines are about increased government control. We need to protect our core workers from layoffs.

America’s essential workers deserve our support. After all, they got us through the pandemic!

The federal government does not decide whether or not you receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Joe Biden is fighting to get you fired. I am fighting for American workers.

Joe Biden keeps medical professionals out of hospitals and police forces off duty. He is putting America in danger.

At a time when Communist China mocks the world and seeks world domination, we must stand by our allies, fulfill our constitutional duty, and put the security of our nation first by bypassing the annual bill of law. ‘defense authorization.

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