Mindy Kaling recalls cooking with Kamala Harris and having a baby during the pandemic on the “Late Show” – The Hollywood Reporter

Mindy Kaling joined Stephen Colbert on The late show Wednesday, which started with the couple remembering how, during her last appearance, she announced the birth of her son Spencer who is now 10 months old and has lived exclusively in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Colbert asked Kaling if Spencer is surprised when he sees other humans. “I’ve been the only show in town for so long,” Kaling said with a laugh, adding that her son was fully satisfied and was a people-oriented baby. She recalled that her daughter Kit is not yet quite used to the new family and that she will sometimes say, “I think he should go” when they are all having dinner together.

The actress then recalled South Indian cuisine with Kamala Harris in 2019, noting that the politician was rather ‘political’ in her reaction to Kaling’s food – in which she herself had identified as no ‘not being particularly good. One clip showed Harris politely complimenting the food and its flavor.

Kaling’s comedy-drama season 2 I have never started on Wednesday, prompting Colbert to ask his guest if she understands “young people” better. “I don’t,” Kaling said with a laugh. “Why am I writing these sexy teen shows?” “

Colbert asked which generation she would be in, like Generation X. “Do I look like Ben Stiller? Kaling said in response. “Do I look like I’m from the movie Simple? How old do you think I am? ”The late night host did not insist on Kaling, who said she was in the micro-generation between Gen X and Gen Y, on her age.

After showing an excerpt from I have never at The late show, Colbert wondered how tennis player John McEnroe came to relate to the series. “Davey’s character has a very bad temper,” Kaling explained. “His dad was a huge tennis fan, he came in the generation where McEnroe was huge to him…” She reached out to McEnroe, and he was all over it.

Towards the end of the interview, Kaling and Colbert laughed at the fact that Colbert accidentally ran into Kaling in his dressing room backstage. He knocked on the door, but just opened it instead of waiting to be invited. “Your team was great. They rushed past you like I was an assassin, ”Colbert said.

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