Mona Charen: Dr Oz charlatan the code of republican politics

Sean Parnell, the Trump anointed candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate, dropped out of the race after a child custody hearing that presented chilling details of his relationship with his ex-wife. Laurie Snell alleged that Parnell hit her, strangled her and hit one of their sons hard enough to leave a mark on the boy’s back. Parnell replied that she had made it all up.

Custody battles are infamous for their exaggerated accusations and passionate denials, and it’s hard for outsiders to know who to believe. But Parnell’s comments on the witness stand did not tarnish his credibility. Appearing on Fox Nation, Parnell said, “I feel like all the ‘happy woman, happy life’ nonsense has done nothing but raise one generation of female bullies after the next. ” He hadn’t finished. “Now there is a whole generation of men who don’t want to put up with the BS of a demanding narcissistic woman.” The potential senator – uh, rather, won’t – concluded with a short sermon on biology: dinosaurs. Where does the GOP find these geniuses?

Well, this one was one of the crops grown by Fox News. Parnell served in Afghanistan and wrote a book about his war experiences, but since his release he has sought to advance primarily through public speaking. Fox and other right-wing media raised him. He ran for Congress once, without success. But Parnell caught the attention of Donald Trump Jr., who told Trump Sr. about him and voila, he was on his way to the US Senate … until the aforementioned hearing judge granted full custody of her three children to her ex. -spouse.

So, with the departure of the dinosaur slayer, the field was open for another clown.

This brings us to Dr. Mehmet Oz. Unlike Parnell, Oz has professional credentials and impressive professional accomplishments. He is a cardiothoracic surgeon and a professor in the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University. He is a graduate of Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania.

Oz could be at the top of the American professional class – respected, well paid, privileged to dedicate his career to caring for others and teaching rising generations to do the same.

But it wasn’t enough for Oz. He wanted to be a TV star. With a nudge from Oprah, that’s what he became, and before you could say ka-ching, he was peddling “wonder” weight loss drugs.

A 2014 study by Canadian researchers found that only 46% of the advice given on “The Dr. Oz Show” was science-based. The following year 1,000 doctors signed a letter calling on Oz to resign from Columbia College. “He’s a charlatan and a fake and a charlatan,” wrote Dr. Henry Miller of Stanford.

Oz did more than abuse his public’s trust by selling trash; it escalated when covid-19 arrived, informing viewers of a “self-reported” study on hydroxychloroquine that showed excellent results. The con artist didn’t bother to add that the study was not peer-reviewed and its subjects were only patients who were already on the verge of death.

Dr Oz abuses all the privileges that life has bestowed upon him. It attacks people with less knowledge and sophistication. It is misleading even when it can cause harm.

The Pennsylvania Republicans might have been better off with Parnell, who at least strikes his blows directly, without malicious deception.

Mona Charen is Policy Writer for A union columnist since 1987, she worked in the White House under President Reagan and at the National Review. His books include “The Benefactors: How Liberals Hurt Those They Claim To Help – And The Rest of Us.”

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