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MORRISTOWN — Democrats in the town of Morristown are seeking to change the way their future candidates for office will be selected.

Democrats currently use a caucus or rally to establish who will run on the Democratic line for office in the township.

Morristown City Councilman Christopher BT Coffin and a small group of fellow Democrats are considering moving from caucuses to holding primary elections in June like local Republicans.

It’s about involving more Democrats in municipal elections and making the process more transparent and consistent, according to Coffin.

“More than half of the city races went uncontested in November. I don’t want to make municipal politics more partisan, but my goal is really to try to provide choices and see if we can get more candidates to run,” Coffin said. “We feel like organizing primaries is what people are more used to being involved in. So hopefully more people would end up expressing their interests and preferences for candidates.”

If Democrats moved to the primary form of candidate selection, they would have to submit petitions to the county election board and compete in a primary election held in June. The winner of the Democratic primary would then advance to the November election against candidates from other parties.

The first stage of the change will take place at a meeting on June 4 at the Morristown Fire Station. The meeting starts at 2 p.m. Coffin said those in attendance will help form a Democratic committee for the town, and once that is complete, the committee will decide to move to a primary format.

Everyone is welcome to attend, but only registered Democrats will be allowed to vote.

“These procedures follow the County Democratic Committee Bylaws, which is basically the guiding document on how to make these kinds of changes,” Coffin said.

Coffin said public notices have been placed across the city publicizing the meeting and his fellow Democrats are calling, emailing and notifying people to attend the session.

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