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My View by Robert Hoffman

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day weekend. Albert Lea looked amazing, the weather cooperated and the events throughout the community were well organized and a great showcase of a community’s efforts. Special thanks to the Albert Lea-Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce for their fantastic July 3 parade and fireworks, and to the Convention and Visitors Bureau for helping organize food vendors , artists and amazing activities that the whole community could enjoy together.

Robert Hoffman

My name is Robert Hoffman and I am the chairman of the Freeborn County Republican Party. I grew up in Albert Lea and have lived here for most of my adult life now. I will be 45 this summer. My wife and I own a small business and each of our families comes from Albert Lea. From his grandparents to our nieces and nephews and all our relatives, we are generations of Albert Leans. Our simple story is very similar to many others in southern Minnesota.

We work in the field of housing with a real estate agency and several rentals in town. This month we helped two Ukrainian families move to Albert Lea. After the parade, I received a text from a friend who watched the parade with her mother and whose family is originally from Turkey, and she said that our Albert Lea parade on July 3 was the first parade she went to . I’ve seen 40 of the last 45 parades at Albert Lea, but I can understand that my story isn’t exactly like everyone else’s in southern Minnesota. One thing we have in common is pride, great pride in a great community.

It was impossible to miss the Republicans at this year’s July 3 parade. Over 100 people participated and we stretched for two blocks. Dozens more said they wanted to march with us but were in the parade with their businesses, helping sheriff candidates, marching with city and county candidates or helping their church or community organizations. service. I was very proud to show our community to some of the candidates across the state who may not have seen Albert Lea like they did in our parade.

Dr. Scott Jensen for Governor led our parade, along with Jim Schultz for Attorney General and Brad Finstad for Congress. Each of them stayed at Albert Lea for hours afterwards, if only because we were such a welcoming and beautiful community in which to hang out on a gorgeous evening. I was full of pride for the community we were able to show these contestants and proud of who we were presenting to a community that means so much to me.

Our state, Senator Gene Dornink, State Representative Peggy Bennett and State Representative Patty Muller were very familiar faces with us in the parade. It was our honor as a local party to see them all walk with us as one group. It’s clear that with the overwhelming turnout we have from all Republican candidates and volunteers, we are stronger together. This is just the kick off to show that strength now.

Reserve these dates. The Freeborn County Fair is the first week of August and the Freeborn County Republicans will be there all week in the same place we have been for many years, under the grandstand. Whether you’ve attended four decades of fairs or this is your first, come visit us August 2-7. Monday August 8th will be our Freeborn County Republican Picnic at the Edgewater Bay Pavilion. Visit us at the fair to receive invitations to the picnic, send us an email or find us on Facebook. On Tuesday, August 9, vote! Show Senator Gene Dornink and others that we want to vote for them again in the November ballot, with Dr. Scott Jensen for governor. Finally, on Wednesday, August 10, the same day as Albert Lea’s Downtown Wednesday, visit the Freeborn County Republican Headquarters Kick-Off at the same location we’ve been for years in the heart of downtown. town of Albert Lea on Broadway Ave.

I can’t wait to see everyone I’ve known for years or meet new people who want to be as proud of Albert Lea as I am. We have become a very strong group, and it shows in our participation and our success. By still building our bench and being better than before, together we will be an even stronger Southern Minnesota. I personally invite you to come and participate with us. We would be honored to be by your side.

Robert Hoffman is chairman of the Freeborn County Republicans.

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