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My point of view by Brad Kramer

Republicans have maintained a tradition of being pro-business while Democrats have introduced anti-business regulations. How important does it matter if you are not a business owner? Business affects all aspects of your life. When you go to the grocery store and buy a tomato, you have completed a business transaction. Everyone who helped bring this tomato to your store takes a share in this transaction and is reflected in the price. The company that supplied the seeds to the farmer, the farmer and his employees who planted, fertilized, picked and packaged this tomato, the costs associated with growing, shipping and packing of the tomato (fuel, tractors, trucks, fertilizer, pesticides, etc.), the labor and expenses to get that tomato on the board and complete your transaction, the costs of the tomatoes that went wrong on the board or in transit, the taxes each party paid on these transactions and much more.

Brad kramer

The farmer owns a business. Truck drivers were either employees of a business or owner / operators who owned their own truck and business. And so was the owner of the grocery store, whether it was a mom and pop store or a company.

Every business owner in this chain of transactions has paid a price to own a business. They took all the risks, like floods or droughts destroying their crops, or spent money to mitigate that risk (take out insurance, for example). They have spent a lot of time and money in the position of running a viable business. This farmer has his name on the line for millions of dollars in equipment and land. Truck drivers try to deliver your food while juggling fuel costs that have hammered their bottom line. Grocery store owners try to hire and retain enough employees to run their stores.

Every business that participated in this transaction was created and owned by a business owner. If it was a private business, the owner (s) have a name and a face. If it is a public company, it has many shareholders (if your 401 (k) owns this company then you are one of many owners) but was a small business that an owner developed before to make it public. The US economy is driven by small business owners. According to the Small Business Administration, two-thirds of business owners start their businesses from scratch (as opposed to buying or inheriting). Over 50% of small businesses fail in their first year. About half of the United States’ workforce and economic activity comes from small businesses.

When Democrats accuse small business owners of not paying their employees enough, being exploiters, not providing enough paid time off and other demands, they are attacking the small business owners in our community who supply the most. jobs, taxes, and our community’s goods and services that make our lives better.

How does one become a successful business owner? Careful planning, failure and pain. Very few business owners get their money to start a business from a legacy or “luck”. Listening to Democrats who have never owned a business, I suspect many think there is a magical business fairy out there who comes to endow all lucky business owners with all the luck and resources they need. Most business owners use their savings, home equity, and personal collateral to initially fund their business and go without income for a substantial period of time before their business becomes profitable, if it doesn’t go bankrupt first. .

When big governments dominate small businesses like they did under Biden’s administration, it’s going to have dire consequences. By forcing landlords to have no say in evicting tenants who destroy their properties or who don’t pay rent, when the landlord has to pay the loan and the expenses, how do you think it’s going to go? to end ? Who will provide an essential rental property? Biden made the disastrous decision to arm OSHA against the companies, threatening massive fines against companies that fail to fire unvaccinated workers, including tens of thousands of healthcare workers and first responders. Who in their right mind thinks this is a good idea when these entities are already understaffed and we see vaccines fail to prevent the transmission of COVID and its many variants?

When you look at what really made America great, brought untold advancements to the world through technology and ideas, created the world’s unique idea of ​​the American Dream that has improved the lives of millions of people and built America as a world power, the ability of anyone with ideas for a business and the will to make them come true, this has come because we have embraced the idea of ​​business ownership. Why do Democrats demonize business owners at every opportunity?

Brad Kramer is a member of the Freeborn County Republican Party.

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