New Hampshire Democrats keep distance from Biden

DOVER, NH – Even as President Biden’s approval ratings have risen, New Hampshire Democrats facing competitive re-elections are keeping their distance from the White House.

Senator Maggie Hassan (DN.H.) on border security: “I will continue to stand up to the Biden administration on the issue of securing the border, listening to our frontline staff there on the need for more border agents, more technology. In some places, we need more physical barrier.”

  • Hassan on student loan forgiveness: “I am not in favor of canceling all student debt. I have always focused on how to reduce the overall cost of higher education and provide training opportunities for the workforce. ‘work.”
  • Rep. Chris Pappas (DN.H.) on Biden’s ‘semi-fascist’ quote attacking MAGA Republicans: “The President must be careful not to paint with too broad a brush. This divisive rhetoric all around is toxic to our democracy.”

The other side: Gov. Chris Sununu (RN.H.) called the Democratic posturing wrong: “Senator Hassan is in tune with [Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer for five and a half years, then for the last two months she’s freaking out and trying to convince people that she’s kind of a moderate.”

But, but, but: One issue New Hampshire Democrats and Biden agree on is rallying voters to protect abortion rights.

  • Months before the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade, New Hampshire Republicans passed a law restricting abortions after six months of pregnancy.
  • Addressing a crowd of willing Democrats, Pappas claimed Republicans were “planning a national abortion ban” – while Hassan told his supporters that the GOP represented “anti-choice extremists”.
  • When I asked her if she supported a 24-week restriction like New Hampshire’s, Hassan replied, “When women face tough life decisions…the last thing they need is politicians like Chuck Morse in the examination room.” Morse is one of two Republicans in Tuesday’s primary vying for the chance to unseat Hassan.

The bottom line: Keene Mayor George Hansel, an abortion rights-supporting GOP candidate running for Congress, told Axios, “Over 70 percent of New Hampshire residents consider themselves pro-choice.

  • “There are more pro-choice Republicans in New Hampshire than any other place in the country.”

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