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In what I see as a much-needed strategy to end the COVID-19 pandemic, President Joe Biden has announced a host of new requirements for federal-level businesses and employees.

The new requirement will require all federal employees in the executive branch of government and any contractors doing business with the federal government to be vaccinated.

The new requirements also give employers with more than 100 employees the ability to vaccinate all employees or test them every week.

Personally, I think this will be the most effective strategy to end the pandemic as it covers around 80 million Americans.

Healthcare workers – who I think should have had the mandatory vaccine for some time now – will need to be vaccinated if they work in facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid.
These actions are necessary to finally put an end to this pandemic so that we can continue our daily lives.

People who want an end to the pandemic and who have taken all possible measures to achieve it are being deprived of due to people who believe security restrictions take away their freedom. It seems stupid to me because I believe it is the government’s job to monitor public safety issues.

According to Floyd Medical Center in Rome, 74 patients were hospitalized with COVID-19 on September 27, with only one vaccinated and 39 on critical life support.

The percentage of COVID-19 positive patients at Floyd Medical Center hospital who are vaccinated is 6.3%, which is enough evidence for anyone to claim the vaccine exponentially decreases your chances of contracting the virus. and die from the virus.

To all of you who have made an effort to get back to normal by getting vaccinated, thank you for your contribution to ending this pandemic.

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