NJ Democrats and Republicans agree on new legislative map – NBC10 Philadelphia

Democrats and Republicans in New Jersey — departing from typical political tensions — met on Friday to agree on a new district map for the state’s legislature through 2030.

The Allocation Commission approved 40 newly drawn districts during a brief meeting at the State House Annex in Trenton. Republican President Al Barlas and Democratic President LeRoy Jones Jr. hailed the process. The 11th member of the commission, Judge Philip Carchman, said the two political leaders conducted the decade-long process with civility.

“I want to let the public know without a doubt that these two gentlemen are strong and fierce defenders of their respective positions,” Carhcman said. “They did it with civility.”

The new map could mean sitting lawmakers could face off against colleagues in certain counties.

Each of the 40 districts elects one senator and two members of the Assembly. The first election under the new map will take place in 2023.

Democrats control both houses of the Legislative Assembly but lost six Assembly seats last year, while Republicans won a new Senate seat.

The commission consists of five Republican and five Democrat members, with the 11th member chosen as the tie-breaker by the chief justice of the state Supreme Court.

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