Ohio Republican Party Says Rep. Anthony Gonzalez Should Resign: Letter from Capitol Hill

Go Gonzo: US Representative Anthony Gonzalez became the last pro-impeachment House Republican to be raked by his state party on Friday. But as Jeremy Pelzer reports, the Ohio Republican Party not only voted to censor Gonzalez, but also passed an impromptu resolution calling for his resignation. Gonzalez did not respond on Friday, although U.S. Senator Rob Portman issued a statement supporting the Rocky River Republican.

The drug problem still rages on: Ohio officials are sending 60,000 doses of naloxone nasal spray, which stops opioid overdoses, to statewide, reports Laura Hancock. Around the same time last year, overdose deaths increased in the spring and summer.

Weekend numbers: Coronavirus deaths increased by 84 Ohio residents on Friday and cases increased by 1,397, Hancock reports. Saturday’s new case total was 1,297 and Sunday’s 794.

Not reaching the top: At least a dozen candidates have come forward to run in the Ohio 11th Congressional District special election. But now that former State Representative Bryan Flannery has retired from the race, none of those candidates are from Summit County, writes Doug Livingston of the Akron Beacon Journal. Flannery was also the only white candidate in a district drawn to meet minority representation requirements under the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Minority report: The congressional map-drawing process requirements that Ohio voters approved in 2018 will likely make the 11th district entirely in Cuyahoga County when new districts are drawn, writes Sabrina Eaton. This would likely cause it to lose its majority minority status for the first time since the district’s inception in the 1960s, although local politicians and redistribution experts predict the district would still be represented by African Americans in one. foreseeable future.

Disc contract: Legislation requiring police to record interrogations of suspects accused of serious crimes such as murder or rape is currently under consideration in the Ohio Senate following its passage through the House last month. The Associated Press has more on the legislation, House Bill 8, which has bipartisan co-sponsors.

Supremacy clause? What supremacy clause? House Bill 295, by State Representative Kris Jordan, a Delaware County Republican, would allow the Ohio General Assembly to order the Attorney General to review the constitutionality of any Presidential Order in Council, agency rule federal or “action of the Federal Congress”. If the GA refuses to act, the legislature could declare the order, rule or action unconstitutional, and any local government or anyone receiving public funding would be barred from implementing the federal directive.

GOP meeting: Many of the Republicans who plan to run for governor of Ohio and the United States Senate next year are expected to attend a “political summit” hosted on May 15 by the Strongsville GOP. Planned attendees include declared / potential US Senate candidates Mike Gibbons, Bill Johnson, Josh Mandel, Bernie Moreno, Mark Pukita and JD Vance. Also scheduled to appear: gubernatorial candidates Joe Blystone and Jim Renacci and Anthony Gonzalez, top rivals Max Miller and Jonah Schulz. Keynote speakers at the event are US Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Conservative analyst / author Candace Owens.

Oh darn: Another potential Republican Senate candidate, U.S. Dayton Republican Mike Turner on Friday released a statement criticizing President Joe Biden for leaving the word “God” out of his proclamation of the National Day of Prayer on the 5th. may. “President Biden has embraced the cancellation culture of the far left that is trying to rewrite American history, demolish our institutions and now cancel God,” Turner said. “It’s disheartening to see this decision by a president who once claimed that faith is the ‘foundation of his life.'”

Storytelling trail: First Lady Fran DeWine and Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director Mary Mertz launched the Sixth Ohio History Books Trail at Great Seal State Park in Chillicothe on Friday. The new trail features “The First Strawberries,” a Cherokee story told by Joseph Bruchac, with 15 to 20 child-level signs along the trail with book pages and an activity to accompany the text, according to a statement from the Governor Mike DeWine’s office.

Five groups that lobbied Bill 220 from the last legislative session, which would have allowed Ohio government entities to use blockchain technology in their operations. State lobbying forms do not require people to state whether they are for or against a bill.

1. Amazon.com Services LLC

2. Ohio Rural Water Association

3. Automobile Club of Southern California

4.Northeast Ohio Regional Sewerage District

5. City of Dublin

Former State Representative Jim Butler

Micah Derry, American Director for the Ohio Section of Prosperity

“I think the governor has played a strong role in this area.”

– US Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, congratulating Republican Governor Mike DeWine on his coronavirus policy. Brown, speaking during a visit to the Cincinnati health department on Friday to promote COVID-19 vaccinations, had less kind words for GOP state lawmakers, saying they had ” politicized ”the state’s pandemic response.

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