Opinion: With lies and cynicism, Republicans plot an authoritarian regime | Column

At a rally at the State Capitol on August 6, signs called for a full forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election.

By Jeffrey Leverich | guest column

California winds blow on my porch. The drought in Canada has reduced cities in British Columbia to ashes as ranchers lost herds in Alberta. There is not enough hay. Vast swathes of Greece, Turkey and Siberia are burning.

In Germany and China, 500-year-old floods have drowned history, homes, villages and lives. Islamabad, Pakistan, has experienced severe flooding, but some population centers do not receive much media coverage.

The pandemic is reappearing in the United States, the result of a political policy on the brink of collapse. Lies about the hugely successful vaccines are divisive, as is the political sabotage of medical efforts to protect Americans.

Vaccine plotters and mask deniers have spread COVID-19 to millions of families, causing them damage and death, but these Americans also have the right to life and freedom. The constant rat-a-tat of political attacks offers no solution to the multitude of existential threats. The right wing fails to solve the problems, which instead become the object of cheap political postures. Politics for them is an endless series of senseless messages and disparagement.

By perpetuating the global pandemic, Republicans have lost all right to moral authority, which has always been a sham. By blocking reforms to protect human life, they have thrown our country off balance. Strange policies are killing families, undermining our nation’s stability, and threatening the future of humanity with climate change denial. This burning indictment is only overcome by their efforts to overthrow American democracy.

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