Poll shows Donald Trump would lead Joe Biden if presidential election takes place today

With US President Joe Biden declining in popularity, an online poll found that the Republican candidate and former President Donald Trump is more competent than the incumbent. According to a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll published exclusively for The hill, more Americans are now in favor of Trump. According to the survey, if the 2024 presidential election takes place today, Trump would lead the ballot. The poll said about 48% of voters want Trump to rule the country while Biden got 45% of the vote. Another 8% were not sure. In urban areas, Biden scored 20 points and suburban voters 4 points, while in Trump’s case he scored 33 points in rural areas.

It is worth mentioning that before and after the US presidential elections last year, the image of outgoing President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris was reinforced as the first African American and the first American in Asian origin to occupy the vice-presidency. However, an old saying – “with great power comes great responsibility” – began to operate as soon as the Main Democrats took over the office. The stature of the top Pentagon leaders turned around when they failed to resolve the Afghanistan issue, leading to the dramatic collapse of the already war-torn country. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has further affected the popularity of the two leaders.

“Biden’s fall sparked a wave for ex-President Trump”

While countering the claims, Democrats have always said the opposition played down immunization data. Currently, nearly 60% of the U.S. population has received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Besides the coronavirus, the report says the outgoing president has failed to provide jobs for young Americans. “Biden’s downfall led to a wave for ex-President Donald Trump on all fronts both in the GOP primary and in a possible general election,” The hill quoted pollster Mark Penn.

It should be noted that Biden got 7 million more votes than Trump in the 2020 presidential election. The vote includes 4% of the total votes received by all candidates. Biden paved the way for victory by managing to win major states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin. All the states have already been won by Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

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