Reader’s Opinion: Republicans repeat same old same old

While commenting on Twitter, I discovered that Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Tory TV host Laura Ingraham are ignoring meaningful conversations in favor of slime on Democrats who dare speak the truth. Why? Apparently because repeating lies like a stuck record reinforces 45’s charismatic hold on its base. So they throw mud at Democrats who don’t really deal with non-issues.

Recently, GOP propaganda has denounced the critical race theory taught to children, claiming it encourages racial hatred. The truth is, Critical Race Theory is not taught in Minnesota K-12 schools. The critical myth of racial theory aims to discredit the “radical left” by doubling down on a non-existent problem.

And their wild card, “funding the police”, is not widely supported by Democrats. Think for a moment: would a politician (including Democrats) be foolish enough to advocate for a full police definition, so that no funding is even left to respond to distress calls?

But none of that matters as these ideas were briefly entertained by some Democrats in 2020 and are now being adopted by few. Also, President Joe Biden seems to reject them totally.

Why are Republicans insisting that these red herrings be cherished by Democrats? Perhaps because their aim is to vilify Democrats by falsely portraying stupid policies as dear to the left. The GOP is focused on those “evil democrats” who supposedly want to impose a critical race theory on our children – and, perhaps, disturb our “precious bodily fluids!” (This is a reference from Dr Strangelove.)

However, no Democrat or Republican is really stupid enough to embrace either myth, although Republicans continue to say Democrats do. Really, Democrats aren’t stupid enough to harbor such myths. Yet Republicans are cunning enough to repeat their lies, knowing that many Americans lack critical thinking skills and have no idea that both issues have little support among Democrats.

Peter W. Johnson


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