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Fox News presenter Mark Levin has called on the US president to be subject to an impeachment hearing after a moratorium on evictions is extended. The American lawyer, author and broadcaster claimed that the decision to protect the homes of millions of Americans ran counter to a Supreme Court ruling.

In a scathing attack, Mr. Levin also insisted that the US president “has the border wide open in violation of our immigration laws.”

Mr. Levin made the statements during an appearance on The Sean Hannity Show on Fox News.

He said: “He wants to go down in history as the greatest president – he is going to go down in history as the greatest disaster. It does more to weaken this country than the Chinese Communists could ever pray for.

“And besides, he just defied a Federal Supreme Court ruling, he knows the CDC doesn’t already have the power to extend these moratoriums, he says we’re going to do it anyway because he’s listening to this. Harvard Professor Emeritus Laurence Tribe. He has just violated the federal constitution.

He added, “Let me say this. I spoke about it on my radio show last week. Republicans, have you heard of the word impeachment? You’re going to go down to the border and complain to the death?

“I know you’re not in the majority, but you have to start explaining to the American people. This request is violated by a decision of the Supreme Court.

“This man has the border wide open in violation of our immigration laws. Do you dismiss Donald Trump when he is absent because of a letter?

“Set up a false incitement to insurgency. This man is doing enormous damage to this country.

Mr Levin called for impeachment after a new moratorium on evictions was confirmed on Tuesday and will last until October 3.

The legislation was first put in place by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at the start of the pandemic to prevent people from being taken from their homes and health chiefs have warned that homelessness would increase the spread of the coronavirus in the community.

The law expired on Saturday after Congress failed to renew it and Democrats pushed for it to be extended.

On Monday, the White House said the CDC had rejected Mr Biden’s request for a further reduced pandemic-related moratorium, citing a lack of legal authority to take action.

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“That anyone who loses their home through no fault of their own is devastating, and it is a shame that Republicans in Congress do not lift a finger to prevent this from happening. “

Donald Trump was the last US president to face an impeachment trial.

In February, Mr. Trump was acquitted of a single charge of incitement to the mob for the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The US constitution states that a president “shall be removed from office on indictment and conviction for treason, corruption or other serious crimes or misdemeanors.”

The impeachment process has two stages, after the House of Representatives has proposed articles of impeachment, it then votes and if a simple majority approves, the president is impeached.

The Senate would then hold a trial and if a two-thirds majority votes to convict, then the president is removed from office.

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