Republicans echo protesters’ call to help Cuba as protests continue in Central Florida – WFTV

ORANGE COUNTY, Florida – For the fifth day in a row, Cuban flags were seen fluttering throughout the Orlando area, as people marched on the sidewalks in support of friends and family back home.

The protest was smaller than the previous days, although it looked like many people were resting before one or more major events scheduled for the weekend.

“I thought there would be a lot more people, with the number of people talking about it,” said Genna Cruz. “Everyone publishes [a Saturday rally] all over. So I hope it turns out as everyone says.

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Time and time again, protesters told WFTV their motivation was to pressure the US government to act against the Cuban regime.

Not only is the community tired from decades of oppression, the island is lacking in food and medical supplies. COVID-19 is infecting more people and vaccines are scarce. Reports have surfaced showing long queues for basic items, before the dictatorship cut the internet.

“Stop with blah blah blah Biden. I’ve been hearing blah blah blah for 62 years! Neredya O’Neil, a Cuban-American, said, looking frustrated. “I came to this country for this reason. We need action and Cubans need you now.

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Throughout the week, the response from Republican lawmakers echoed O’Neil. Officials, especially Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) Have repeatedly called for swift and decisive action to help ordinary Cubans.

“I call on the president to immediately authorize and allocate funds to provide emergency internet connectivity for Cuba,” he said in a recorded video posted to his Twitter account.

The party that actually controls Washington has been quieter and less coherent. Florida Democratic lawmakers have spent the past week lobbying their peers, including President Joe. Biden – to make a gesture.

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“We are bipartisan supportive of resolutions and efforts to encourage the Biden administration to take action,” said State Representative Darren Soto (R).

Soto said he recently signed a resolution and is preparing to vote for a spending bill that would address some outstanding demands. He said the influence of lawmakers was in their power of the stock market.

“All parties now agree that Internet access is essential, as it is what enables people to communicate and share the depressed conditions in Cuba and to organize themselves,” he said, agreeing with Rubio.

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Biden responded to many of the requests on Thursday, saying some steps he would like to take, such as sending doses of the vaccine to the island, were not achievable because he believed the diet could misuse them. carefully.

He said providing the island with outdoor internet access is currently on the table and under consideration, to see if US companies have the technology to do so.

PHOTOS: Protests in support for Cuba continue in Orlando

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