Reviews | Republicans need to get away from Trump

Trump has been a poison to the Republican Party and our democracy, so the candidates don’t need his endorsement.

The Republican Party needs to focus on electing the most qualified people for the job, rather than the people former President Donald Trump approves of.

A representative from North Carolina illustrates why Republican voters as well as politicians need to stick to what each candidate will do for the country and their state.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn is the rep for North Carolina’s 11th district, which was elected in 2020. He has since proven himself not even the best choice, mostly because he lied about the history of his life.

He has been endorsed by Trump in the past and in October 2021 for re-election, and has been with Trump at his rallies in recent months. Cawthorn showed his support for the former president, and Trump returned such support.

On his biography page on the House of Representatives website, he claims that the left is waging a smear campaign against him. However, he deliberately misled voters into thinking he was more of a “hero” than he actually was when he ran for Congress.

In 2017 he said he was left for dead in the car crash that left him in a wheelchair. Yet his friend who was in the car with him and helped him to safety later publicly disputed the claim in 2021.

He also stated that the Naval Academy rejected him because of the car accident, although it was later proven that they rejected him before the accident. Time and time again, he proved that he misled voters and people into thinking he was the hero he thought he was.

He did plenty of other things before his run in Congress, but as a representative he put the nail in the coffin as to why he shouldn’t run again and possibly be fired.

In 2020 and 2021, he continually supported the false narrative that there had been voter fraud, even stating on his biography page, “He helped lead the charge to protect the integrity of the election and opposed certification by the Chamber of the results of the presidential election.

The evidence to impeach him or at least prevent him from being re-elected is his clear support for the January 6 attack on the capital. He is one of five candidates whose re-election bids are in question for allegedly committing treason.

Although Cawthorn is one of the few “bad eggs” linked to Trump, it is worth questioning the validity of Trump’s endorsement ability on candidates for Congress or even state office.

Iowa’s own governor, Kim Reynolds, has been someone who has worked closely with Trump in the past, supporting allegations of voter fraud in 2020. On March 10, she announced her re-election bid, and while Trump has nothing but good things to say about Reynolds, he has yet to give him an endorsement.

Reynolds may not be the best candidate for Iowa, but she could do better by simply cutting ties with Trump and rejecting any endorsement.

Republicans must do the same, since Trump is no longer in power, which would allow the country to move away from January 6.

Democrats and Republicans must rely on good and sympathetic politics to garner votes rather than the endorsement of a former president, which more often than not comes with its own set of problems, hurting the voters who elected them. .

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