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When President Trump was reported to have called Haiti a shitty country, Biden responded on Twitter saying:

“This is not how a president should speak. This is not the way a president should behave. Above all, it is not what a president should believe. We are better than that.

But deporting these Haitians is worse, not better. The Biden administration – and Democrats in general – always seem to say the right things about race issues, but too often their actions fall short of their rhetoric.

To justify many evictions, the Biden administration relied on Title 42, which is a law that allows evictions on the basis of alleged “health risks”. The Associated Press noted, “The Trump administration invoked it in March 2020 with sweeping effect, banning the entry of virtually anyone from Mexico and Canada and essentially sealing the northern and southern borders.” Isn’t that ironic.

In addition, these particular migrants were being deported to a country where many had not been in years. Many of them did not leave Haiti in 2021; they left him years ago. And they were deported in danger. Haiti was recently devastated by an earthquake, hurricane flooding and the assassination of the president.

The administration’s own special envoy to Haiti resigned Thursday, refusing to be part of the administration’s “inhuman” expulsion regime, citing the fact that Haiti is so dangerous right now that even “US officials are confined in secure complexes due to the danger posed by gang weapons to daily life.

And yet, the Biden administration has refused to give any indication that it will stop relying on Title 42, The Washington Post reported on Friday.

It seems to me that Biden tried to simultaneously eliminate the ugly view of migrants, and do it as quickly as possible, and at the same time blunt the already harsh criticism from Republicans that he mismanages immigration. and has a policy of open borders. . (No wonder, then, that the migrant camp under the Del Rio Bridge has already been cleared.)

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