Rick Scott wonders if Joe Biden is “healthy and strong enough to lead”

US Senator Rick scott continued to pillory the president on Sunday morning, once again throwing slander on Joe bidenmental state and competence of.

“I hope he is healthy and strong enough to lead,” Scott told the hosts. Fox and Friends Weekend, reacting to scenes of departures of Americans and Afghans boarding flights from Taliban-controlled Kabul.

Scott, “disgusted” by the chaotic exit from the 20-year military engagement, went on to say that Biden had “no plan” and “was not acting in America’s best interests.”

“I’m really worried about whether he’s okay, if he can do this job,” Scott said.

The questioning did not explicitly respond to Scott’s call to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office, a move that would install the vice president Kamala harris. But the message continues. Scott’s tendency to claim that Biden is too diminished to fulfill the role of presidency.

The young Florida senator continued his scathing criticism of the president Joe biden Thusday.

“Incompetent. Disarmed. Inconsistent. Incompetent,” tweeted Scott, in a four-word excoriation of Biden’s performance in an interview with ABC the night before, where the president defended an outing that appeared ignominious on television.

Scott followed the Twitter explosion with a radio hit on New Hampshire’s WTSN, in which he again called for Biden’s removal under the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, urging a serious conversation about whether Biden can “perform the duties of the presidency.”

Scott first make that call Monday on Twitter.

“After the disastrous events in Afghanistan, we face a serious question: Is Joe Biden capable of fulfilling the duties of his office or is it time to exercise the provisions of the 25th Amendment? he wrote.

So far, the concept has not caught on.

Scott was asked if he was serious during an appearance on Fox News Radio Guy Benson Show, and he said he was, calling the referral issue a “just and serious issue that we must face.”

“We have to bring in someone who is doing their job,” Scott said, describing Biden as “going out for lunch.”

Senator Marco rubio the same poop the proposal of his colleague from Florida.

“Yeah, I don’t anticipate that to happen,” Rubio told Florida Politics last week.

Despite a lack of viability, the proposal offers an anchor for bookers. While Biden appears to be falling apart, he offers a risk-free talking point for a partisan audience.

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