Ron DeSantis leads immigration fight with Joe Biden in Miami during legislative crisis

Govt. Ron DeSantis took his criticism from the president Joe Bidenit is immigration policies in Miami on Monday, highlighting another angle of the Governor’s stance against the federal government.

During a panel discussion held at the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora in Miami, DeSantis contrasted the Biden administration‘s illegal immigration policies with the immigration trends that have fueled South Florida’s mixed culture. DeSantis called the current situation “effectively the largest human trafficking operation in American history” that began with an “explosion” in immigration after Biden took office.

Drug cartels have also taken advantage, leading to fentanyl overdoses and methamphetamine use, the governor said.

“It’s been the golden age of cartels since Biden became president,” DeSantis said. “They eat our lunch every day, with what’s going on there.”

The governor also blasted comparisons between current immigration patterns and Operation Pedro Pan in the early 1960s, when unaccompanied Cuban minors arrived in the United States fleeing communist rule.

“To equate what’s happening with the southern border — with the massive human trafficking, illegal entry, drugs, all these other things — with Operation Pedro Pan, quite frankly, is disgusting,” DeSantis said. . “That’s wrong. It’s not even close to the same.

The media availability comes during the time of legislative crisis for DeSantis’ immigration efforts.

The Legislative Assembly is almost halfway through its 60-day session. Legislators have started to consider DeSantis’ proposal to prevent states and local governments from doing business with transportation companies that relocate immigrants who entered the country illegally to Florida.

DeSantis questioned why the feds were running flights carrying immigrants to arrive in Jacksonville early in the morning and why the feds hadn’t alerted the state when the immigrants were arriving:

“How come you’re not shouting that from the rafters so everyone knows how good you are doing?”

During the session, lawmakers also began budget negotiations. DeSantis’ proposed budget includes $8 million to move immigrants who are illegally in the country out of Florida.

“I can tell you that we’re getting money from the legislature because we’re going to redirect to Delaware and California and those other sanctuary states. That’s what’s going to happen in Florida,” DeSantis said.

Speaking alongside the Governor in Miami, members of the Cuban-American community, as well as the Attorney General Ashley Moody and Lieutenant Governor. Jeanette Nunezwho is of Cuban descent.

“They like to use children as a pawn in this game. But I can tell you that from our point of view, we are protecting children from this heinous scourge of human trafficking,” Nuñez said.

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