Ron DeSantis vs. Kamala Harris too close to call

Polls continue to show that Governor. Ron DeSantis could be strong in the 2024 general election, if he were the Republican presidential nominee.

A Harvard/Harris Poll of 1,815 registered voters conducted Jan. 19-20 showed DeSantis one point ahead of the vice president Kamala Harris in a hypothetical match.

40% of respondents preferred DeSantis, while 39% chose Harris.

Despite being a Democratic +2 poll, 41% of respondents identified themselves as “conservative,” skewing the results in favor of Republicans. Former president donald trump outperformed DeSantis against Harris in this survey, with 49% support and a 10-point lead over Harris.

Previous surveys of the same sounder showed DeSantis losing to both Harris and the President Joe Biden. This poll did not test a hypothetical Biden Vs. DeSantis matchup, however.

The survey tested other DeSantis questions, including name recognition and relative popularity.

In terms of name recognition, two out of three respondents, or 66%, had heard of DeSantis, putting him in the middle tier in terms of name recognition. For context, about nine in ten respondents had heard of the president Joe Biden and former President Trump.

It was slightly less well known than Antifa, which 68% of respondents

However, DeSantis was better known than the former Secretary of State Mike Pompeowhich was only known by 62%.

Meanwhile, the governor is in positive territory in terms of favorability. 38% of respondents like DeSantis; 28% do not.

Pollsters also tested questions from the 2024 Republican primary, but asked all respondents who they preferred, rather than a subset of the GOP. Former president donald trump was in first place with 34% support, ahead of the former vice president Mike Pence at 12% and DeSantis at 8%. Most polls in the race that limit the primary question to Republicans see DeSantis in second place.

Pence also prevailed over DeSantis when respondents were asked which potential candidate they would prefer if Trump did not run. The former vice president’s 20% support put him three points ahead of DeSantis.

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