‘Saturday Night Live’ returns from winter break with its Joe Biden blaming Omicron’s rise on Spider-Man

Johnson’s Biden went on to explain that this virus has disrupted our lives, vacations, gender reveal parties, and “wildfires that started as gender reveal parties.”

But, he said, there is one simple thing that could make it all go away.

“Stop seeing Spider-Man,” Johnson’s Biden told the American people. “Think about it, when did Spider-Man come out? December 17th. When did each person get Omicron? The week after December 17th.”

He then answered questions from the press.

Ego Nwodim reporter asked if he really blamed the Omicron variant of the coronavirus on “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” which broke box office records last month.

“Yes, I did,” he replied. “Next question.”

The Bowen reporter Yang asked if Biden thinks Covid will end if people stop going to the movies.

“I didn’t say stop going to the movies,” Johnson’s Biden said. “I said stop seeing Spider-Man. You can see anything else.”

He explained that he had, for example, seen the first half hour of “House of Gucci” and that it was “enough film for everyone”.

Another reporter, played by Heidi Gardner, asked if this theory was based on any kind of data.

“Yeah, everyone in America has seen Spider-Man eight times,” Johnson’s Biden said. “Everyone in America has Covid too. Stop seeing Spider-Man.”

Johnson’s Biden then said he didn’t see the movie because he couldn’t get tickets.

Yang’s reporter asked about testing issues and the increase in cases.

Kate McKinnon returns to & # 39;  SNL & # 39;  as Dr. Anthony Fauci with a Holiday Pandemic Message

“You want to know if you have Covid,” Johnson’s Biden said. “Look at your hand. Is it holding a ticket to Spider-Man? If so, you have Covid.”

Biden also blamed inflation and the failure to pass the Spider-Man movie voting rights bill.

He then asked one final question, whether there’s a version of Biden in the multiverse who *wants* people to see “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

“Finally, a good question,” Johnson’s Biden said. “I actually thought about it a lot. I consulted Dr. Fauci and Doctor Strange. As far as I know, there are at least three Joe Bidens.”

Pete Davidson then appeared from a different universe as the real Joe Biden saying that universe was on the verge of collapse.

“Hurry up before the gate closes,” Biden said of Davidson before delivering the show’s tagline, “Live…From New York, it’s Saturday night.”

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