Shyamala Edu Society commemorates US Vice President Kamala Harris’ mother’s memorial birthday

The Shyamala Educational Society has taken a series of initiatives to commemorate Dr. Shayamala Goplan’s memorial birthday on February 11. Dr. Shyamala, who is the mother of US Vice President Kamala Harris, has become an influential figure in American academia by creating a lasting impact on women around the world.

Tributes and memorial lectures were held across the country, including a ceremony at Sri Nilayam, Head Office, which Founder N. Suresh Reddy and his team participated in.

Educational society honors Shayamala Goplan

“The life story of the great Dr. Shyamala Gopalan is one that many women can learn from, and the inspiration it provides has been a driving force in establishing this society in his name,” said the president. Suresh Reddy.

As part of the commemoration of Dr. Gopalan, charitable activities were also carried out in his memory, under which ration kits were distributed to poor and vulnerable families in Hyderabad. Free medical camps and blood donation camps were held at health care facilities associated with the company.

The company, which started a reforestation mission two months before his birthday, followed it up by facilitating the campaign to plant 5,000 saplings in various parts of the state.

Vedic rituals were performed across the country at many pilgrimage sites including Kashi, Prayaga, Bhadrachalam, Vemulavada. Atmashanti Homam was performed in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu; with Setu Snana (sacred bath on the shores of the Indian Ocean) marking the significance of Dr Gopalan’s birthplace, Tamil Nadu.

Cultural programs were organized in many schools in different places and thousands of children actively participated in various competitions organized on this occasion. Students from Yellandu, Bhadrachalam, Siddipet, Siricilla, Warangal, Paloncha and Hyderabad participated in the event.

(Image: Shyamala Gopalan Educational Society)

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