Surprised, Kejriwal didn’t say Joe Biden feared him: Sambit Patra

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters in New Delhi on Sunday, Patra said: “Every time there is an election, he says everyone is intimidated by the AAP, and every poll shows that the party wins the elections. In Himachal he had the same refrain, and now the whole party has disintegrated. In Uttarakhand, their president is also gone. I’m surprised he hasn’t said yet that Joe Biden fears him,” he said.

“I had only heard of megalomania, but now I have seen it. After forming the government in two years, he thinks he has become god, that too, Krishna. The one who steals in excise and takes cuts in alcohol compares to makhan chor (lord Krishna),” he said.

In the shortest time in history, if the most ministers in any government have had to resign due to corruption charges, it is Arvind Kejriwal’s party, he said.

“Remember when they had a newly formed government, he was defending Jitendra Tomar in the same way, but later his fake diploma came out, after which he had to be removed from the party and not from the ministry. They were even defending Sandeep Kumar whose CD was out, but he is still in the party. All these corrupt people are in his party, and he compares them to Kanha (God),” Patra said.

Referring to how former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad Yadav was sent to prison after a 30-year hiatus, he said: “I am surprised at how he glorified corruption, he said that they were all ready to go to jail. He even said that prison is not a bad place. Imagine a CM giving a message saying to go to jail. Lalu Prasad Yadav was also not sent to jail immediately… Our court system allows time to plead the case before sentencing, so Lalu Prasad Yadav also had a chance and he went to jail after 30 years,” did he declare.

“Sometimes he says Satyendar Jain should receive Bharat Ratna… so Amanatulla Khan should also receive Bharat Ratna? You are a corrupt Kattar party, not an honest party,” he said. “He’s got a double standard and says the government is intimidating everyone and then says the CBI tells him who’s going to jail next.”

“Today, he said, the judge has been changed, there is a procedure by which these things are decided… When your ministers are caught indulging in corruption, then you will raise your finger on the justice system,” he said.

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