Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Republican support for Trump and the politicization of vaccines

Amy Walter:

Well the battle is over, Lisa and Donald Trump have won. This is Donald Trump’s party.

There are wrestlers who have continued to denounce the president, as you pointed out to MP Cheney. But they’re a very scarce commodity right now. Many of them are already facing major challenges.

Many of them – there aren’t many, but those there are – could lose their primaries or be redrawn out of their districts by redistributing. And we’ve seen, more recently, there was a special election this weekend in Texas to take a Republican seat, not a majority Republican seat, but still a Republican-leaning neighborhood outside of Dallas.

The candidate approved by Donald Trump won the most votes. The candidate who campaigned as the Ever-Trumper, who had the support of Congressman Adam Kinzinger, who as we know also voted for impeachment, has openly said the Republican Party is going above and beyond Donald Trump, this candidate obtained 3%.

So I think it’s pretty clear that it’s a party now that has decided to line up behind President Trump. The only question is what happens in 2022, especially in those battlefield districts, where Trump can endorse a candidate, and you can see Democrats using that support against them in a general election, is it? isn’t it?

It can work in a primary. It’s nice to have Donald Trump’s endorsement in a primary if you’re a Republican, but it might not be a good badge to wear in a state that leans bluer.

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