That’s the nutshell advice Joe Biden gave fellow Delaware Senator Tom Carper when he got COVID-19.

Senator Tom Carper and Vice President Joe Biden in 2009.Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

  • President Joe Biden offered his friend Senator Tom Carper medical advice after they both contracted COVID.

  • The Delaware Democrat said Biden told him to take Paxlovid.

  • Biden had a case of “rebounding,” but Carper said he “never felt bad and I attribute some of that to Dr. Biden.”

President Joe Biden called fellow Democrat from Delaware, Senator Tom Carper, with medical advice after learning he had tested positive for COVID-19.

“He said, ‘Just a piece of advice,'” Carper said, recounting the conversation to Insider. “He said, ‘Paxlovid.'”

Biden and Carper tested positive a day apart last month and Biden, who is vaccinated and twice boosted, started taking the antiviral drug the same day. Biden had a case of “rebound,” which happens with some patients treated with Paxlovid. He left solitary confinement on Sunday.

But Carper, 75, who also had his shots, said he got a prescription that night and the advice worked. “I trained every day and felt good all the time,” he said. “I still feel good.”

The two weren’t considered “close contact,” and their COVID conversation apparently got pretty wobbly from there, with Carper filling in on Biden on his negotiations with Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, on a program. reduction of methane.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for her part, said she spent her COVID quarantine watching “Bridgerton” on Netflix and raising money.

But Carper says it was a useful conversation.

“I’ve never felt bad and I attribute some of that to Dr. Biden,” he said.

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