The great Bill Belichick has been over-training all season

Are the New England Patriots losing the season because of Bill Belichick’s training?

After two decades of domination, it’s hard for everything New England Patriots fan of putting the blame for the team’s losing season on one of this century’s greatest coaches, but this whole 2020 season has seen the big one Bill Belichick sidelined almost once a week.

While Monday night shots 38-9 at the hands of AFC East champion Buffalo Bills was mainly due to a lack of talent in key areas and the team stepped down, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Belichick and his coaching staff did have not been able to coach the players.

It’s hard to ignore that the coaching staff underperformed in 2020 by failing to prepare the team for the situational football that has placed them above the rest for so long.

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It’s hard to admit, but the fact that the advantage is now on the opposite sidelines is evident this week. Monday night’s Bills have made the Patriots look like other AFC East teams against them for so long… simply outmatched.

“Well that was obviously a good performance today from Buffalo,” Belichick said after the 38-9 boost, via “They have a good team. They are well trained. They played well tonight. Yeah, we just couldn’t do much in any phase of the game. They outperformed us in every way, outscored us, and outperformed us. They did a good job. They are a very good football team. We can see why they are the AFC East champions this year. They deserve to be.

Once again, Belichick had to admit that the opponent was playing harder and coaching better than his team.

The coaches, especially the coaching master, have generally been outmaneuvered by the opposing coaches who make the necessary adjustments in the game that Belichick usually does.

This aspect of how this season has gone has nothing to do with the lack of Tom brady. Offensively, maybe TB12 would have covered some of the loopholes and perhaps guided the team to a few more wins this season, but the fact that the New England Patriots don’t have a wide receiver option No. 1 or even No. 2 is to be blamed on the CEO aspect of Bill Belichick.

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Whether it’s due to a suspicious draft over the last few seasons or simply not doing what it takes to trade for a player like Stefon Diggs or signing a top receiver in free agency, it’s beyond the resources available. . It’s the fact that Belichick thinks he can win games with less.

As Patriots fans and the entire league saw in 2020, talent is still needed in key positions. Without the quarterback (Sorry Cam Newton), the lack of talent on the wide receiver and the tight end positions cannot be concealed. The team starting the season with the lack of depth it had is on Belichick.

As for the defensive side of the ball, it’s also Bill Belichick. Of course, the Patriots had injuries and the Dont’a Hightower and Patrick chung before the season didn’t help matters, but the defense was bullied and conspiratorial throughout the season.

Much of this has to do with lack of talent, but more is due to not placing players in positions where they can have an impact. This was a staple of the great Bill Belichick. As formidable as he has been, perhaps the biggest adjustment this offseason will be for the New England Patriots coach to look at himself in the mirror and reorganize this team by adjusting his approach and coaching philosophy.

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