The press pumps Joe Biden

“History will be kind to me,” said Winston Churchill, “because I intend to write it.”

Britain’s great statesman has done what he promised, but Joe Biden has an even bigger deal.

He doesn’t need to put pen to paper because a cottage industry of so-called journalists is already twisting the truth to make the failing president a victim, if not a hero. It’s like someone in an old newsroom shouting, ‘Honey, make me rewrite,’ and a thousand scribes raise their hands to volunteer to make Biden look like something other than the Second Coming. by Jimmy Carter.

History, schhistory. No need to wait, it’s fiction on the fly!

“What choice does Biden have?” The New Yorker magazine asked, before answering:

“With the impending gutting of Roe v. Wade, partisanship is the only avenue for a president in our broken system.”

You see, the “system” is always “broken” when Democrats don’t get what they want. It’s only when they win that America is a true democracy.

And by saying “partisanship” is the only avenue open for Biden, it implies that thus far Old Joe has been the bipartisan unifier he promised to be when he was inaugurated. It was then that he used the word “unity” or its synonyms 19 times.

My favorite line was when he said, “It’s a great nation and we’re a good people.

The momentary bow to patriotism came after a campaign where he lambasted the nation as “systematically racist” and before denouncing voter ID laws as “Jim Crow 2.0”.

Pro-abortion and anti-abortion demonstrators protest outside the Supreme Court.
Pro-abortion and anti-abortion demonstrators protest outside the Supreme Court.
Evelyn Hockstein/REUTERS

Since then, his administration has effectively defined “extremist” as anyone who disagrees with his far-left dogma, including parents who oppose racial and sexual indoctrination in schools. After the abortion bill was leaked from the Supreme Court, he called the “MAGA mob” “the most extreme political organization in US history.”

But let’s definitely have unity – and a goofy disinformation minister to make sure only officially approved messages get heard!

The New York Times, never short of creative stories, offered its own version of the “broken system” theme, citing the leaked draft opinion as evidence that “the Court is too political.”

In case you missed the talking point, The Times also aptly claimed the leak “deals a blow to the Court’s legitimacy.”

Play by left rules

Abortion rights protesters hold signs during a protest outside the Supreme Court following the leak of a draft opinion alluding to the overturning of Roe v.  Wade.
Abortion rights protesters outside the Supreme Court following the leak of a draft opinion alluding to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.
Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/AP

Denying the legitimacy of people, institutions and ideas is another trick the left uses when it doesn’t get what it wants. But the scam has lost its sting to overuse because The Times routinely denounces conservative movements as the end of all “norms” as we know them.

Meanwhile, the left-leaning media don’t have a single nasty word to say about the unprecedented leak itself. Imagine if it came from a conservative clerk.

But we know that’s not the case, because not a single Democrat — not even the president — has condemned the leak or leak. Long live the Deep State, as long as it’s on your side.

Note also that neither the White House nor congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer condemned the radical leftists who published the home addresses of six conservative judges and promised to demonstrate outside their homes. Schumer instead delivered a speech that revealed just how far off the hook he was, with his insistence that the justices “lied to the U.S. Senate, tore up the Constitution, and stained both precedent and the reputation of the Court.” supreme”.

Chuck Schumer speaks at a press conference about next week's vote to codify Roe v.  Wade.
Chuck Schumer speaks at a press conference about next week’s vote to codify Roe v. Wade.
Jacquelyn Martin/AP

It’s feisty Civil War level and has drawn the ire of GOP colleagues, who have accused him of slandering judges and trying to bully the court.

Guilty as accused, but so what? There are no consequences because at this point in the Dems’ devolution into a surly mob, there isn’t much difference between the supposedly moderate wing and the wingnuts. For all intents and purposes, they are one and the same.

And that remains the central mystery of the Biden presidency – how and why did it happen? How did a career moderate create perhaps the most radical administration in history?

He was an unlikely president, old and in obvious decline, who had the narrowest majorities possible in Congress at a time of intense polarization.

The logical path forward was bipartisan moderation, with Biden using his Senate connections to make progress on widely shared priorities. If he had followed the script of his inaugural address, the nation could have moved on and caught its breath after the tumult of COVID and the tumultuous end of Trump’s term.

Frankly, it’s not Franklin

Airplane on the tarmac
One of Biden’s secret migrant flights is seen in White Plains, New York, on April 22.
Christopher Sadowski

Instead, Biden got it into his head that he was the new FDR, started going to the far left, kept going, and never stopped. His iconic first move – killing the Keystone XL pipeline and 11,000 union jobs – never made sense and has come back to haunt him with soaring energy prices, a major contributor to inflation hitting American families. and its approval ratings.

Biden’s MO seemed to be to undo everything Trump had done, including the successes. Halting construction of the wall and inviting all of Central America to enter created an illegal immigration crisis that will plague the nation and its successors for a generation.

To mask the impact, the White House uses secret night flights to distribute tens of thousands of unchecked border crossers to different cities. And yet, Biden still refuses to turn off that damn faucet.

Its sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan, against common sense and the advice of its commanders, led to the seizure of power by the Taliban, the death of 13 American soldiers and national humiliation. And it surely helped persuade Vladimir Putin and other autocrats that Biden’s America was on the back burner.

The massacre in Ukraine will probably not be the only result of Biden’s recklessness.

There have also been other forays into madness, including pushing the Green New Deal and Build Back Better monstrosities and keeping quiet about the bloody crime wave that is engulfing most cities.

Each blunder underlines the mystery hanging over this White House: Why, Joe Biden, did you sacrifice your presidency and American progress on the altar of the far left?

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