‘The View’ hosts say they had falsely positive Covid tests in Kamala Harris interview

NEW YORK – The two ‘The View’ co-hosts whose Covid-19 tests derailed a scheduled interview with Vice President Kamala Harris last week said on Monday their results turned out to be false positives.

Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were taken off the airwaves on Friday in a surprising live TV moment that forced an abridged Harris interview to be conducted remotely.

None of the hosts who were on Friday contacted Harris. Hostin and Navarro, as well as Joy Behar and Sara Haines, were tested several times over the weekend and all test results were negative, the show said.

“It was really uncomfortable that my results were made public before I even knew what was going on,” Hostin said on Monday.

She said her husband, a doctor, had to be taken out of the surgery as a precaution when the news came out and her children were taken out of school. All are safe, she said.

“I was flabbergasted,” Navarro said.

After the two were taken off the air, the show had to kill time, with Behar and Haines engaging in a question-and-answer session with audience members until the remote interview with Harris was over. establishment.

“This led to a really awkward television that I would like to get back if I could,” said “The View” executive producer Brian Teta, who apologized to Hostin and Navarro on Monday.

Hostin said she was fully vaccinated, so she was convinced she would probably be fine even if the test was positive.

Navarro also slammed Donald Trump Jr. for a Friday tweet in which the former president’s son wrote: “Given the news from Ana Navarro, I think it’s time to start a national conversation about dangers of Covid-19 and obesity. “

“If you wanted to have a conversation about COVID and obesity, you could have had it last October,” Navarro said, referring to President Donald Trump’s attack on the disease.

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