Tom Cotton: Democrats will pay the price for their policies

Senator Tom Cotton, R-Ark. joined “Fox News Primetime” to discuss the difference between “radical” Democrats‘ policies and what “normal Americans” care about.

TOM COTTON: Democrats have realized that the conditions they are creating in the country and the results of their policies are not going to help them at the polls next year. You know, we just spent a week in our home states out of session of Congress, and I haven’t heard any comments about the past or Nancy Pelosi’s obsession with this commission or anything from it. other. I’ve heard a lot of comments about how our border is still wide open and Kamala Harris hasn’t even visited the border, or how everything from gas to food to wood is skyrocketing in the price, or that we have a wave of crime across our country and our cities. This is what I heard about because it is what matters to normal Americans, normal Arkansans. That’s what decides elections, let Democrats know their policies are largely responsible for the rise in crime and prices, as well as the border crisis.

So they want to focus on the past and what matters to them personally rather than what matters to voters. I think they will pay the price.


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