True Republicans who still believe in our democracy must oppose Trump’s Republicans

For the editor:
Shame, shame, shameful lies flow like verbal dysentery from the mouths of Trump Republicans as they repeat the statement of the Republican National Committee, declaring that the January 6, 2021 insurrection on our United States Capitol by the supporters of former President Donald Trump was an act of “legitimate political speech”.

Former Vice President Mike Pence previously proclaimed the Jan. 6 uprising by Trump supporters “a dark day for American democracy.” Trump asked Mike Pence to overturn the election results in favor of Trump. He wanted Pence to blatantly steal the election.

This is the demand of a future fascist dictator. Imagine how Republicans would react if President Joe Biden lost the next election and Vice President Kamala Harris reversed the Democratic process in favor of Biden.

Last week, Mike Pence spoke out clearly against Trump’s claims that he (Pence) could interfere with the will of the people. And when Pence did not overturn the election in favor of Trump, the January 6 insurgents repeatedly shouted and chanted that they wanted to hang Mike Pence that day.

Threatening the life of the Vice President is a serious threat to our government and always means heavy prison sentences for offenders.

So now the RNC calls this legitimate political speech? What if the insurgents had been there to hand over President Trump and the rest of the Republicans? Republican supporters and politicians are shameful and despicable hypocrites.

The RNC censured Republican Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for acknowledging the truth about the Jan. 6 Uprising. Both Republicans serve on the United States House Select Committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol.

The act of censorship by the RNC by definition means they are expressing severe disapproval of the two Republicans for participating with the Democrats to present the facts about what happened during the insurgency, and who played a role. in participation and planning, and how they responded when it got out of control.

Republicans want to ignore the truth and the facts when the evidence already makes it clear that ex-President Trump and his cronies were complicit in their support of the insurgency. That way, they can make the inexcusable denial of their involvement in the rape of our capital sound like it was exactly what they say: “legitimate political speech.”

I challenge Republicans to publicly review the videos of that day and the subsequent reactions of their party members the next day, such as that of Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Kevin McCarthy, and to always honestly state that our Capitol’s violation of United States can be called “legitimate political speech”.

The RNC said following the uprising in 2021 that it “strongly condemns the violence”. So who are the Republicans? Do you condemn the violence of the insurgency on our capital or are you now feeding your ignorant Republican electorate the new lie that the insurgency was just “legitimate political talk”?

True mainstream Republicans who still believe in our democracy must stand against Trump’s Republicans and condemn the violence of the insurgency in our capital. It was a violent uprising in our capital!

If the Democrats lose in 2024, apparently the Republicans wouldn’t mind the capital being again raped by protesters, just like the Trumpers did on Jan. 6, 2021. Hey, that’s just a speech legitimate policy!

Maybe the next group of protesters would kill more people, beat up more police, and destroy more property. What a bunch of dishonorable Republicans, following the most dishonorable president in modern history. And they don’t even care about their dishonesty being exposed anymore because they’ve successfully brainwashed the people who vote for them.

They shout “witch hunt”, “fake news” and challenge smart people to stop them in their lies. It’s like a movie where we see Evil challenge Good and the Devil laughs as our democracy is dared to exist among the crowd of fascist minions who blindly follow the autocratic ruler, calling themselves “Trumpers”.

It is shameful that Republicans bow to Trump. What shameful representatives of democracy are the Republican politicians who are nothing but sycophants of Trumpism. Trump doesn’t care about these United States!

As his followers tore through our capital, he watched with joy. That is not how an honorable president would act. He selfishly only wants revenge for losing the election.

Republicans must accept the truth about the election and admit their misrepresentations about these events. It’s time to move forward with a more honorable representative of their party.

It is a sad situation that he is the best the Republicans have to offer the citizens of the United States. So sad!

Timothy J. Albright


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