Tucker Carlson laughs as guest makes obscene comment about Kamala Harris’ personal life

Fox News host Tucker Carlson joined far-right radio show host Jesse Kelly on Thursday to poke fun at Kamala Harris, including laughing at an obscene comment about the US vice president.

Mr Carlson devoted the segment to discussing how the Vice President‘s staff are “allegedly terrified of becoming President” and invited his show’s guest Mr Kelly to talk about the “Washington’s worst boss”.

Responding in the affirmative, Mr Kelly referred to a past relationship she had with Willie Brown, the former chairman of the California state assembly, and said Ms Harris was her “bratwurst bun” .

Ms Harris spoke about her relationship with Mr Brown in 2003. She compared Mr Brown to an “albatross hanging from my neck,” according to a report from that year. SF Weekly.

“It’s the most predictable thing in the world, Tucker. Everyone watching you right now has worked for or worked with someone with ambition dripping from their pores, and that’s Kamala Harris, ”he said.

“These types of people will do anything to get ahead. They treat their bosses like crap. They treat their employees like crap. That’s why she stabbed Joe Biden in the debate with all this racial nonsense. It was not necessary to do it, ”he added. Mr. Carlson can be seen laughing at Mr. Kelly’s comments.

Mr Kelly made lewd remarks about Ms Harris’ relationship with Mr Brown in the early 1990s. The two made public appearances as a couple around this time, according to Reuters. Ms. Harris had been appointed to board positions early in her career.

“It’s the same reason she sneers like a dead hyena (sic) whenever she asks an uncomfortable question.” It’s the same reason she started her political career as Willie Brown’s Bratwurst Bun. Kamala Harris will do anything to move forward, ”he said.

Mr. Carlson laughed at the rude reference and described her as “fake people (sic)” because she is “terrified of being exposed”.

“If Kamala thought her political ambitions would do better on the right, she would be on the right of Barry Goldwater,” Mr Kelly said.

Mr. Brown in 2019 claims helping Ms Harris in his first run for district attorney in San Francisco, adding that he had also helped other Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom and Dianne Feinstein.

Mr Carlson has repeatedly attacked Ms Harris on her show in recent months, calling her “bogus” last month and suggested she gets special treatment in the media because of “what she looks like” .

Her discussion of the work environment in Ms Harris’ office came after a Politics report. Assistants and administrative officials complained about poor communication and low morale in his office, according to the report.

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