Vegan Charity asks VP Kamala Harris to try ‘Veganuary’ and lead by example

20 December 2021

The request comes after Harris established a new framework for the country’s space strategy that emphasizes climate change and previously called climate change a “time of crisis.” PETA wrote the 57-year-old urging her to do more and participate in Veganuary, a 30-day vegan challenge.

The letter reads: “PETA appreciates the steps you have already taken to help animals, the environment and future generations, and we hope you will lead by example on this critical issue by promoting vegan diets in vegan.

He also adds: “It is impossible to find real solutions to climate change without addressing animal agriculture, which by some estimates is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the transport sector as a whole. in the world. If everyone ate vegan foods rather than animal foods, it would significantly reduce the impact of climate change. ”

The organization even offered to help her with a vegan starter kit for her and her team that has recipes and suggestions for her to try a plant-based diet. In this regard, PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman added: “The United Nations agrees with PETA that there is no environmentalist who eats meat and dairy, there is So it makes sense that Vice President Harris should lead by example and go all out. in the animal-free diet.

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