Vehicle Registration with Olivia Rodrigo, Acting with Kamala Harris and Other New MasterClass Sessions

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Vehicle registration, with Olivia Rodrigo

Just like you, at MasterClass Holdings Company, we wish our visits to the DMV weren’t so exhausting. Luckily Olivia Rodrigo, a national hero, has the solution.

“Driver’s License” has taken your Spotify Wrapped by storm! Now check out Ms. Rodrigo’s catalog of other automotive-focused songs, like her “vehicle recording” banger, with its catchy chorus about insurance claims.

Critics say “smog check” is revolutionizing how teens get smog checks. And you won’t be able to stop humming “oil change,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, the next time you’re in an AutoZone.

Reckless Optimism, with the Teletubbies Sun Baby

Is the casting of Uncle Phil in the ‘Fresh Prince’ reboot causing you physical pain? Is the general disregard for fairness in American welfare systems killing your vibe? Does the war in Ukraine make your heart ache?

Let the perpetually delighted and always idealistic two-year-old Sun Baby help you! This star of the hit children’s show “Teletubbies” will train you to stay wildly positive so you never have to deal with anything again and can instead enjoy life in a simulated reality of your creation.

Acting, with Kamala Harris

In this course, you will master a pantomime that appears to be empathetic and invested in the well-being of others.

A whole week will be spent using different types of jargon to quickly get across a message that means absolutely nothing but will nevertheless be so complex and long and pseudo-intellectual and vague that the listener will have no choice but to say : “Great!”

Creative writing, with the accountant of any Fortune 500 CEO

Creativity has no limits, nor do the bank accounts of these entrepreneurs. So let the accountants at Amazon and Apple show you what real creativity is.

Often called the Banksys of financial fraud and the Van Goghs of offshoring pre-tax income to foreign countries, these middle-aged white men will feed your flair for the subjective.

House Hunting, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Just like the natives of one hundred and seventy-one countries, this duo were driven from their homes by the British monarchy. No one has moved more in recent years than the Duke and Duchess.

Whether you’re looking for a mansion on Vancouver Island, a cottage in the UK, or a sofa bed at Tyler Perry’s, learn to never compromise your standards and try new things (and new countries) until find the home that’s right for you. for you.

Flirt, with Ted Bundy

No one is better at disarming heterosexual women than the notorious serial killer, whom we at MasterClass have resurrected in hologram form.

Learn how to pass yourself off as a beta and catch a woman, despite all the flaws imaginable. Some of the illustrious alumni of this class include Pete Davidson and Ted Cruz!

Be bipartisan, with the worst person you’ve ever met

Do you always side with things like science, reason, and logic? Well, no more.

Learn from the worst person you’ve ever met how to say things like “Well, let’s consider both sides” and “Why are we always talking about bad breath? What about good breath?”

Soon you will suggest a compromise between the flat earthlings and the sane. Or debate the legitimacy of vaccines, racism and gravity!

Planning, with Tristan Thompson

Eighty-two NBA games per season is a big commitment! Practice, conditioning and travel leave almost no room for “your time”.

Yet expert Tristan Thompson still made time to have babies with multiple women. Discover her time management and prioritization skills, and you too can eliminate all distractions (like Khloé) and become a planning assistant.

Warfare tactics, with older first-generation immigrant siblings

Want to learn how to strategize against the oppressor? Gain important freedoms and rights? Winning battle after verbal battle? So listen to these veterans who survived the tyrannical regime of mom and dad.

From negotiating curfew to defending boy-girl sleepovers, they’ve seen it all. With your new skills, you will finally be able to convince your parents to have a French bulldog.

Well-being, with your NSA agent

Who really knows you best? Your family? Your partner? Your best friend? Barely! He’s the person who’s been spying on you your entire adult life, monitoring your texts, your search history, and all of your social interactions since you discovered AIM.

This highly personalized course takes a holistic approach based on your needs, buying habits, and LimeWire download history to help you achieve your goals, grow, and cultivate self-love.

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