Vice President Kamala Harris meets with Texas House Democrats in Washington DC – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Vice President Kamala Harris met with the Texas House Democrats in Washington DC on Tuesday and called their exit from the special session a courageous and patriotic act.

Texas lawmakers left Austin on Monday to break the quorum and prevent Texas House from moving forward on a controversial election bill.

Harris said the action taken by the Texas Democrats was courageous and patriotic and was done to defend the franchise for all Americans.

“I know that what you have done comes with a great sacrifice, both personal and political, and you do it to support and defend some of the highest ideals of our country,” Harris said. “Standing up for the franchise for the American people is as American as apple pie.”

The vice president compared measures taken by Texas Democrats to protect Texans’ voting rights at key points in the suffrage movement throughout American history.

Harris said Americans need options for voting and praised Democrats in Texas for taking part in the fight.

“It’s not a Democrats or Republicans issue. It’s about Americans and how Americans are dealing with this issue,” Harris said. “And I have in mind this person who has two or three jobs and must be able to vote early. I think of this single parent who has his children in the back and must be able to have a drive-thru or a box of deposit to vote. I am thinking of the disabled American who must be able to vote by mail. “

“That’s what we’re talking about and you all know it and you’re fighters for exactly that point,” Harris said, “and so I’m here to thank you and have a conversation with you.”

Following her public comments to the Texas House Democrats, the vice president dismissed the press she had met behind closed doors with lawmakers. It is not known what was discussed at the private meeting.

US Senator John Cornyn (right) took a different view of the walkout, calling it an “embarrassing breach of duty and a shameful political coup”.

U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) criticizes Texas House Democrats from the Senate on Tuesday, July 13, 2021, after fleeing Austin for Washington DC to break the quorum on the State Capitol.

“They can’t win, so they do the equivalent of ‘I’m going to grab my ball and go home’ or in this case, ‘I’m just running away,'” said Cornyn. “But as Texans, standing up to a fight is part of who we are even though you know that in the end you might not win. But instead they’ve turned their backs, have jumped in a private jet and fled this fight. “

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (right) said in an interview with FOX News Monday night that absent Texas House Democrats would be arrested upon their return to the state and forced to return to work on the US Capitol. the state.

Defending the Voters Bill, Abbott said the principle that Democrats operate is bogus and the Texas bill doesn’t hamper anyone’s ability to vote and instead adds overtime during which polling stations would be open. Abbott said in the TV interview that voting hours will be extended both during early voting and on election day.

Democrats say the Republican bill includes a ban on 24-hour polling stations, a ban on ballot boxes and the empowerment of observers who support polls.

Earlier on Tuesday, President Joe Biden gave a much-anticipated speech on voting rights and called them “a test of our time.” The full President’s speech is available below.

President Joe Biden delivered a speech on voting rights from Philadelphia and the steps his administration has taken to protect the right to vote.

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