Vice President Kamala Harris visits Durham to talk about Ukraine and unions

Vice President Kamala Harris stopped in Durham to speak to a crowd at Durham Technical Community College on Wednesday. During his 12-minute speech, Harris pledged his solidarity with Ukraine and spoke about the Biden-Harris administration’s plans to create better-paying jobs for Americans.

“The eyes of the world are on the brave people of Ukraine,” Harris said. “They are fighting, not only to defend their homes and their families, but to defend their democracy, their freedom, their sovereignty and their territorial integrity. We stand with the Ukrainian people in this fight.

On labor, Harris praised North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper and U.S. Representatives David Price and George Butterfield, both DN.C., for their labor advocacy work.

“Over the years, visiting all these places [across the country] I met workers of all ages and from all places,” Harris said. “They have many traits in common. Among them: tenacity, creativity, brilliant minds and an unwavering determination to get the job done right. That’s what I saw here today when I was spending time in the classrooms here. We have seen the extraordinary hard work and discipline that goes into the work that builds America.

After President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address yesterday, Harris told his Durham audience that the Biden-Harris administration had created more than six and a half million jobs and reduced the unemployment rate to four percent.

“As I travel through our country, I will tell you that what I see most clearly is not fear or fatigue, but resilience. The resilience of the American people,” Harris said.

Harris spoke about the implementation of the new Bipartisan Infrastructure Actwhich aims to spur economic recovery by rebuilding America’s roads, bridges and railroads and expanding access to basic necessities like clean water and high-speed internet while creating unionized jobs .

“So we have to create more well-paying jobs here [in America]. Good union jobs,” Harris said. “Our administration is deeply proud to be the most worker-friendly administration in our country’s history.”

US Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, who also spoke at the event, called Harris a “champion of workers”. During his speech, Walsh announcement $45 million investment in U.S. Department of Labor grant programs to strengthen community colleges.

After her public remarks, Harris engaged in a private panel discussion, according to to a White House pool report from a reporter traveling with Harris.

On the way back to Raleigh-Durham International Airport, Harris’ motorcade stopped at RN Harris Elementary School for the second time that day. Harris came out of her motorcade and spoke with the children to “do pep talks at eye level for about 10 minutes,” the White House pool reporter said. declared.

Harris arrived in Durham early Wednesday morning and observed Durham Tech apprenticeship programs before delivering her speech later in the day. The vice president was preceded by Walsh, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Durham Mayor Elaine O’Neal, Price and Butterfield.

Ishani Raha

Ishani Raha is a freshman Pratt and a news service reporter.

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