Vice President Kamala Harris visits New Jersey as part of COVID vaccination campaign

New Jersey receives high-level reinforcement on Friday in its drive to encourage more residents to get vaccinated against COVID.

Vice President Harris to visit NJ as part of vaccination campaign

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Vice President Kamala Harris is making the trip as the tri-state region prepares for the impending expansion of the vaccine eligibility pool.


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The vice president will be at an Essex County College vaccination center on Friday afternoon as part of the latest campaign to get people vaccinated.

She also plans to visit Montclair State University to advance the president’s plans for early childhood education.

Meanwhile, young children may soon be eligible for the vaccine. Pfizer has officially requested the FDA to authorize its COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5 to 11. The dosage will be one-third of the power given to adults, given in two injections.

A decision is expected between Halloween and Thanksgiving, which means children in this age group could get vaccinated within weeks.

The decision will impact more than 28 million children across the country.

In New Jersey, the governor said vaccines and boosters are encouraged as the winter months approach.

“This thing is going to go off in some form or another, I don’t know how we can prevent that. But running against that, and I think it’s positive currents that go against that, is our rate of. continually high vaccination, reminders, which by the way we have to work again with the federal government to make sure the message on this is crystal clear, ”Gov. Phil Murphy said.

State school staff must be vaccinated by October 18 or undergo random testing.

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