Vice President Kamala Harris was the latest in Buffalo to mourn the victim of the Tops massacre | Local News

The last time Vice President Kamala Harris was in Buffalo, she was here to mourn the loss of Ruth Whitfield, one of 10 people killed in the May 14 massacre in Tops.

Harris and her husband, Douglas Emhoff, attended the May 28 funeral at Mount Olive Baptist Church.

Ruth Whitfield was the mother of former Buffalo Fire Marshal Garnell Whitfield, who has since become a vocal advocate for victims of the attack in national forums.

Harris was not supposed to speak at the funeral, but addressed the mourners at the urging of the Reverend Al Sharpton, who delivered the eulogy.

“This is a moment that demands all good people love people just say we won’t tolerate this. Enough is enough,” Harris said. “We will come together based on what we all know we have in common and we will not let these people driven by hate separate us or scare us. So I’m here to say we’re all in this together No one should ever have to fight alone We are stronger than those who try to hurt us.

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During that visit, Harris and Emhoff visited Tops’ site, leaving a bouquet of white flowers at a memorial on Jefferson Avenue, and stopping to pray. They also met privately with the Whitfield family before the services.

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