Video shows Joe Biden coughing, shaking hands after signing bill, horrified Twitter

US President Joe Biden was seen coughing before signing a crucial bill.

Social media users have expressed unease over viral clips of US President Joe Biden coughing minutes before signing a bill and shaking hands with several lawmakers afterward. The incident took place on Tuesday, more than a week after Mr Biden tested negative for COVID-19. The US president has signed into law a major climate change and healthcare spending bill, called the Inflation Reduction Act, giving Democrats a boost ahead of the crucial midterm elections. The law is estimated to bring in $740 billion over the next 10 years in revenue through a combination of higher taxes on wealthy corporations, levies on stock buybacks, and tougher enforcement. high-income household tax laws.

The video of the president’s behavior was published by several journalists and media. It shows Mr. Biden removing his mask to cough into his hand, signing the bill, giving the pen to West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, and then shaking hands with everyone in the room.

He also put his mask back on just before getting up to shake hands with people after the bill was signed.

Several Twitter users were horrified after watching the video.

“Since he’s been stung three hundred times, and everyone is present, what’s the problem?” said one user. “What happened to coughing into your elbow for health reasons?” asked another.

Others were concerned about the US president. “Omg what happened to him? He looks so drained…hope he’s ok,” one user tweeted.

A week ago, Mr. Biden coughed several times during a speech at the White House on the passage of the CHIPS bill, then was seen shaking hands with several lawmakers.

Another video of the US president shaking hands with Senator Chuck Schumer, then reaching out for another handshake seconds later, had garnered a lot of attention on social media.

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