WATCH: New York Mayor Eric Adams denies Democrats have been ‘too much awake’

NOTNew York City Mayor Eric Adams has ignored claims that the Democratic Party has become “too wide awake” – insisting instead that the loud voices of the privileged few often seem to drown out the pragmatists in the party.

“No, on the contrary, I believe that grassroots Democrats, we are radically practical. And the problem is that we try to highlight those who are on the extremes of both parties,” Adams said when he was in a hurry. by CNN’s Chris Wallace if his party was too woke and too left-wing.

Adams has at times been outspoken when deviating from Democratic orthodoxy, at times chastising those on the left who supported funding the police movement and portraying himself as a pragmatic progressive. He made his remarks during an appearance on HBO Max’s Who talks to Chris Wallace.


New York Mayor Eric Adams attends a screening of the film “Equiano’s Story,” Tuesday, March 29, 2022, in the Trusteeship Room at United Nations Headquarters.

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

The mayor has already distanced himself from being called an “anti-revival Democrat,” but he also blamed the spike in crime on policies championed by some corners of the left, a point of view. frequent friction for him with progressives.

In a nod to speculation of a red wave to come in the midterm elections, Wallace pressed Adams on whether Democrats should embark on a course correction if they take a bruise at the polls .

“We already have the right course, the right correction. I think it is truly unfortunate that these radically pragmatic Democrats like me, their voices are not allowed to be heard. Their voices do not pierce the volume of politics in this And we listen to those on the extremes instead,” Adams said.


Adams recounted his experience in the Big Apple as evidence that ordinary people largely eschew political extremes.

“When I move around New York City in America, they’re more in tune with the philosophies and beliefs about how we have a country that’s going to take care of everyday workers and make sure we’re protected New Yorkers,” the mayor said. said.

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