Watch: US Vice President Kamala Harris visits restaurant on Election Day, says this | world news

US Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff stopped at John O’Groats restaurant in Los Angeles as Americans vote in the crucial midterm elections. She joined Los Angeles mayoral candidate Karen Bass in welcoming diners inside.

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“Today’s election day, so please vote,” said Kamala Harris. At another table in the restaurant, she said, “Oh you voted, thanks for voting.”

When Kamala Harris walked into the restaurant’s second room, a woman stood up and pointed an “I voted” sticker to her chest, prompting the vice president to clap.

“Remind everyone that you know the stakes,” Kamala Harris said.

“A lot at stake,” she added.

Kamala Harris and her husband were also seen taking photos with diners during the visit which takes place on Election Day in the United States.

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Americans vote midterm, which will determine who controls the US Congress, made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. From now on both are controlled by the US President that of Joe Biden Democratic Party.


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