Weekend at Biden becomes Joe Biden’s European vacation

Dementia Joe Biden is on his grand tour of Europe, so this edition of the 46th President’s Wit and Wisdom won’t be called Weekend at Biden.

Instead, it’s Joe Biden’s European vacation.

When President Biden arrived in the UK, he spoke at a military base, which is one of his great pleasures. All dialogues textually guaranteed:

“There is nothing that Jill, I and Joe value more than spending time with our troops and their families wherever we go in the world. “

Last year he once introduced himself as Jill Biden. Now, Biden apparently thinks of himself as two different people – “Joe and I.”

He praised the British army, in particular the “FRG”. He reiterated that America wants to avoid “conflict” with Russia. (At least this time he didn’t call the Russian president “Clutin.”)

Of course, Biden greeted his hosts: “I want to stress that the reception from the British government has been exemplary.”

Since his mental decline, he still has no idea of ​​the numbers – this week he boasted of providing “half a billion” in free vaccines, then reduced the number to “half a million”, before eventually revert to the original “half a billion doses”. which we will send to worldwide to be produced in USA.

Sleepy Joe urged Americans to get vaccinated at various “vaxin” sites, including your local “YMC”. He once again changed the name of the disease. What he sometimes calls “COVID 9” this week has become “Globid COVID 19”.

In Britain he presented a Big Pharma titan:

“Now I would like to hand the floor over to my friend, the CEO and Chairman of Pfizer, Avril Al Albert Bourla”, more commonly referred to simply as Albert Bourla.

But how is the panic going, Mr. President?

“To sum up, look: COVID cases are on the decline. Deaths from COVID are on the rise. “

Once again, Biden has forgotten how long he has been president.

“Since January 20, and we are now talking about 15 months ago, the average number of daily cases has increased from 184,000 to 19,000.”

The man is a real wizard with numbers, no doubt about it.

“The first 14 months, the first time in 14 months, we saw the biggest drop in the number of long-term unemployed more in more than a decade in the past 10 years.”

By the way, Biden said he was citing government statistics.

“This report is based on a uh uh weekly in a week at the beginning of May, this is how we determine the growth or loss of jobs that we have growing.”

Over time, Biden became more and more confused by the letter “L”. This week again, he referred to the “American Rescue Pan”. Now, however, in addition to dropping “L”, it randomly adds the letter to the words. He called for more so-called climate change investments “to prevent the worst impacts” of climate change.

Then there was his trip to Tulsa to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, which he said happened “a century of light”.

In Tulsa, he remembers meeting an elderly woman – “when she saw the January 9 insurgency it broke her heart”.

Yes, Mr. President, but what about the other “insurgency”, you know, that of January 6?

Biden lamented the fact that after 100 years the survivors of Tulsa have not had a “fence.” No closing, closing.

Either way, Dementia Joe can never really grab the attention of the black community. In Tulsa, he awkwardly tried to compliment black entrepreneurs, but said they often couldn’t be successful because “they don’t have lawyers, they don’t have accountants.”

Which probably surprised billionaires Robert Johnson, Oprah Winfrey and Byron Allen, among others.

If you listen to Biden, the world is rife with endless problems, the most serious of which depends on the audience they babble inconsistently to this day.

Sometimes it’s Russia, more often the virus. But Biden’s default threat to human survival is climate change, which he variously describes as an “existential” or “gender-essential” challenge.

In Tulsa, however, he cited the “intelligence community” (i.e. corrupt Democratic hackers like John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper, Peter Strzok, et al.) To the effect that “the White supremacist terrorism is the deadliest threat to the homeland today.

However, that threat evaporated overnight after a British newspaper reported, based on emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, that his beloved and drunk alcoholic younger son of crack regularly used the “n-word” in his correspondence with one of his lawyers.

White supremacy? It does not matter. Nothing to see here guys, come on …

Climate change was back on top of Dementia Joe’s sexual, uh existential crises on Friday.

“Because there will be major population movements, fighting for land, millions of people leaving because they are literally sinking under the sea in Indonesia.”

Under the sea ! In the molten core of the earth! Can we quote you on that, Mr. President?

Some other recent big hits from Joe:

“Everyone needs to get shot, though. Now is the time to speed up the process we have put in place.

“We can’t restart the world’s biggest economy like flipping an ice switch. “

“Stimulus checks: They significantly reduced depression according to the study.” “

“They came from the hinterland like my family, from working class, middle class families.”

“I keep forgetting that I am president. “

If only we could, Mr. President.

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