Weld, Colorado Republicans ‘very excited’ as election season begins – Greeley Tribune

With precinct caucuses poised to help kick off the election season early next month, Republican leaders in Weld County and Colorado say they’re optimistic about what’s to come in 2022.

Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown said the party is looking to build on last year’s successes in city council and school board races.

“That’s how you build your bench. It’s how you affect politics that’s closest to the people,” she said. “We’ve had great success reversing several school boards and commissions, and I think we’ll apply a lot of that to levels here in 2022.”

Burton Brown thinks Republicans have a good chance of retaking the state Senate, as well as winning statewide House seats and statewide offices. She said Republicans are focused on three major issues: bringing down record crime rates, tackling record inflation and giving parents more say in raising their children.

Republicans aren’t just talking about the issues, Burton Brown said, taking note of “Colorado Republicans’ Pledge to Colorado,” a 44-bill package aimed at making Colorado affordable, prioritizing public safety, expanding educational choice and more. To view the invoices, go to coloradosenaterepublicans.com/commitment.

“It kind of exemplifies what we would be doing if we were elected a majority in 2022 or won statewide positions,” Burton Brown said. “We believe that to really win the Coloradans, we have to come up with solutions and say, ‘This is exactly how we would build a better future.'”

Weld County GOP Chairman Tom Van Lone said county Republicans were looking to grow the party’s base and get the vote, targeting unaffiliated voters with marketing and outreach. They hope this strategy helps Republican candidates in the upcoming election, as county Republicans continue to support agriculture, oil and gas, and fiscal responsibility.

“We’re very excited,” Van Lone said.

One opportunity Republicans are excited about is the new 8th Congressional District, a new congressional seat representing parts of Weld County. Republicans vying for the seat include politicians familiar with Weld, State Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer and Weld County Commissioner Lori Saine. Burton Brown noted that much of the new district’s population is Hispanic.

“I think a lot of our candidates are really talking about getting into Hispanic communities,” she said. “CD8 gives us a very good opportunity to grow our party in this community.”

Colorado Republicans also hope to see more suburban women participate in the Republican Party, focusing more on local issues than “a federal, personality-driven election,” she said.

Another target for Republicans is House District 50, currently occupied by Rep. Mary Young, D-Greeley, Burton Brown said, describing it as a “key seat.”

Burton Brown expects Republican work on issues like tackling the cost of living and supporting the agriculture and energy industries will resonate well with Weld voters.

“Ten years of Democratic control has expelled a lot of that (energy) from the state. A lot of people lost jobs they couldn’t get back,” she said. “I think Jared Polis has shown he doesn’t really care about rural Colorado.”

While people often like bipartisan solutions, Burton Brown said, “that doesn’t happen under the leadership of Democrats.”

“If Republicans are elected in 2022, we have real solutions that are better for the future, and we’ll work across the aisle to move them forward,” she said. “And I think we have to show that we can do that where Democrats haven’t for the last decade.”

The Weld GOP caucus is 7 p.m. Tuesday at locations across the county. Party officials encourage attendees to check out the new premises and caucus locations at www.weldcogop.org/precinct.

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