When Kamala Harris sees ‘extremists’, she is actually looking at a mirror

OWhen it comes to the Biden-Harris administration demonizing Republicans while claiming to champion unity, enough is enough — and enough is way, way too much.

The two smear artists couldn’t stop after President Joe Biden called Republican opponents “semi-fascists” and delivered one of the nastiest presidential “speeches” in history. Vice President Kamala Harris followed up Saturday with a speech to the Democratic National Committee that repeatedly called elected Republican leaders and the Supreme Court not just fake, but “extremists” who “systematically restrict and attempt to suppress freedoms” and want to “dismantle our democracy.

Maybe it’s not just exaggeration and slander. Maybe it’s a psychological projection. In the same speech, Harris promised that if Democrats take control of both houses of Congress after the November election, they will take several steps which, if not actually “dismantling” democracy, will certainly undermine practice and tradition. constitutional.

Harris said Democrats once and for all end the filibuster of the Senate which allows a determined minority of 41 out of 100 senators to prolong debate and prevent the passage of controversial legislation. It would upset more than 200 years of tradition of protecting minority prerogatives and encouraging compromise. As things stand, it’s easier to send a six-vote buccaneer than it was less than half a century ago. While various filibuster reforms might be worth discussing, the Biden-Harris idea to end the filibuster altogether is exactly what Biden and Harris accuse Republicans of being: radical.

Harris also promised, or threatened, that if Democrats had full control, they would eliminate all state discretion in managing abortion by passing a nationwide law allowing essentially on-demand abortion everywhere, until at birth. It’s as extreme as you can imagine, because it goes completely against the grain of public opinion. Even if narrow majorities do not want abortion outright banned, polls for 50 years have consistently shown that the majority of people support deep restrictions on abortion. In fact, several polls conducted this year have revealed that up to 72% favor banning it after 15 weeks pregnancy or earlier.

Harris would insist that Mormons in Utah and traditionalist Baptists and Evangelicals in, say, Alabama should not be able to restrict abortion at all. It’s radical.

Finally, Harris said Democrats would ram through a major national electoral politics law, again completely erasing local options and tradition, running counter to the Constitution’s establishment of “federalism” that encourages states and communities to govern themselves as much as possible. .

Worse still, the nationalization they envision is an open invitation to vote fraud or error and major voter registration problems. As voting expert Hans von Spakovsky explained, the Democratic legislation at issue would cause all sorts of problems. Local governments would have to petition the National Department of Justice, for example, simply to move a polling place from a school gymnasium to its auditorium, with Washington bureaucrats under no obligation to respond in a timely manner. All manner of reasonable state measures for voter integrity would be dropped, while ballots could be “automatically” mailed out even to voters who do not specifically request them.

Meanwhile, rather than being prohibited from drawing district lines specifically for racial reasons except in very narrow circumstances, the Democrats’ bill (quoting von Spakovsky) “would force racial gerrymandering [and] make race the predominant factor in the electoral process.”

Just what this nation doesn’t need: After efforts to divide us by race.

Altogether, while Biden and Harris slander Republicans with abandon, they are the ones whose politics we should fear. They are not doctors, but they should treat themselves.

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