Where are today’s radical Republicans?

I agree with all violent protesters and their supporters when they complain “it’s all about politics”. But what they don’t take into account is what this nation really is. Let’s go back in time to explain.

It was only the radical Republicans of the post-Civil War era who were adamant about the total and uncompromising freedom of newly freed slaves. Even the Conservatives at the time were saying, “Hey, let’s take two years to calm down.

President Lincoln’s vice-presidential choice to attempt unity was somewhat of a failure in this regard. Southern Democratic Vice President / President Andrew Johnson; which was a drunken disaster during his swearing-in ceremony. Although loyal to the Union, he was not the greatest champion of equality.

The goal of most was simply to get along and bring everyone together, whether they were right or wrong. How some things never change.

The Republican Party was born in the 1850s specifically to honor the spirit of our foundation of equality, justice and freedom for all. We have forgotten that our existence rests on a deep anti-authority complex. The whole world was built on selfish governance and corruption – much like New Jersey. Those who just wanted to be left alone made the trip to America.

We all came here with the common bond of independent thinking, of being easily annoyed, and of loving hitting people in the face; no matter where we come from. We were the misfits and the rejected of the world.

A great leader emerged after Johnson in President Grant, but he was not a great politician. Putting friends into ministerial positions was probably his worst mistake. Corruption crept in. The political machine has moved forward.

The violence against blacks in the South was extreme so the migration to the North, to freedom, began. Until now, blacks have universally voted for Republicans. Politicians, naturally, saw northward migration as an opportunity and racial politics shifted into high gear. Race-based government advantages were the strategy, and by the 1930s blacks had forgotten about the Republican Party; and, therefore, the Republican Party forgot about the Republican Party.

It was decades of madness to see who could outdo themselves in politics.

Without getting bored with details, let’s jump right into the Republican Civil Rights Act of 1964. Republicans started to get tasteless, as modern Republicans do, Democrats took over, didn’t go far enough, and then took it all. Deserves that. The general theme was that everyone was just trying not to make too many waves.

I blame the Republican Party for where we are today. He is to blame for abandoning the legacy of the GOP; with the corresponding predictable results.

The GOP was founded to ensure that our founding documents are honored without compromise. We drafted a Declaration of Independence and a Constitution to accurately reflect the natural human condition (to protect this natural condition of government equality – not to grant equality), but it took a lot of violent deaths (622,000+ just in the Civil War) to get there and, lo and behold, we didn’t go.

The fight is real, remains and will continue thanks to a Republican Party which hardly exists any more; especially here in Bucks County (where, ironically, General Washington crossed the Delaware River in a last stand against oppression).

Where are the radical Republicans? The coolest thing would be if they started to emerge right here on the banks of the Delaware, so to help, I just came back to the Republican Party from Independent. It’s easier to be a Republican here as an independent, but going back is the sacrifice that must be made to pass a good casual candidate; and i think i’ll be fine as long as i don’t attend any meeting.

Cory Steiner lives in the Township of Lower Makefield.

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