Who are the richest candidates?

Give me three thousand dollars spare so I can rent one of Bronson’s boats please

Between the homestays, lavish outfits and expensive faces of the candidates for Married at First Sight Australia, it’s hard not to wonder how rich they are.

Yes, we’ve seen Jules and Cameron’s posh apartment, but how much are these marriage merchants worth?

To find out, we took a look at some of the most algorithm-generated internet content sites, applied a heavy dose of skepticism, and had a general root to see what we could find.

Bronson Norrish

Bronson is a businessman and an entrepreneur. Regardless of the fact that the name Bronson Norrish sounds a lot like a character played by Matt Berry, he does well for himself.

Unfortunately, no actual net worth is available for Bronson. But we do know a bit more about his companies. The crown jewel of the Bronson Norrish business empire is Party Boat Charters in Perth.

via Instagram: @bronson_norrish

It is not known how much profit he makes, but he owns a whole bunch of boats that can be chartered for thousands. Including this one.

While its overall wealth may be a mystery, if you had to pick a MAFS candidate to launch a naval invasion with an Avicii soundtrack from your rival’s base, it could only be Rear Admiral Bronson Norrish.

Jules and Cam

While the couple previously lived in a posh Sydney apartment valued at $ 1.4 million, seen on Jules’ Instagram story, which was only praised.

Since then, they have improved. Cam has sold his own apartment, and they are now living in a beautiful £ 1million house, complete with a swimming pool.

via Instagram: @ julesrobinson82

This brick-and-mortar investment makes him the richest contender in MAFS Season Six.

Cameron is apparently worth $ 2 million, based on his earnings from his cricket career. Although he only played one total of 26 first-class games – to an admittedly not too shabby batting average of 30 – that can exaggerate things.

Jessika power

Jessika’s net worth is apparently $ 500,000. Even though it is from a site that says “Their passion for her derives from a success that she wants in their life and their net worth is approx. $ 500,000. “

via Instagram: @jessika_power

Publicist Max Markson, who apparently knew about these things, said Jessika was winning $ 90,000 per year as an influencer before she appeared in Married at First Sight, and potentially up to $ 300,000 per year after. So maybe the number of $ 500,000 is not that far off.

Cyrell Paule

While Cyrell charges £ 37.50 for a Cameo video doesn’t suggest she’s on her way to Bezos-level wealth, there has to be a decent amount in the Hello Fresh sponcon. Publicist Max Markson says Cyrell is one of his top paying former MAFSA clients.

Heidi latcham

With a range even wilder than Lauren’s net worth, Heidi is apparently worth between $ 100,000 and $ 5 million. That is to say This site do not know.

via Instagram: @heidslatcham

If Heidi’s 240,000 or so followers were treated with loads of #ads, maybe she’d be on the right track. But Heidi doesn’t really speak, and instead works as a host on the 91.9 SEA FM radio station. Maybe there is $ 5 million in radio. Maybe she’s invested very, very wisely in GameStop.

Mike Gunner

Mike has had an odd career in the past as a slash model globetrotter electrician, where he seems to have gotten quite a bit of visibility.

“I remember him showing me a few mini-movies – loads of snapshots of his model and how he looked on billboards overseas,” one ex said. nowtolove.com.au.

via Instagram: @mikekangaroo

“He said he knew what reality shows wanted now. He thought all anyone had to do was see him and he would be a millionaire, ”the ex said.

We’ve all seen it, but we don’t know how much it’s actually worth now.

Married to First Sight Australia Season 6 is available to watch on All 4 now.

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