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Nationally, 73% of voters in 2020 voted before election day. Almost 44% of the ballots in Florida were cast by mail, but the state compilation was completed on election night, which should be a national standard.

Although 43 states and the District of Columbia allow early voting between four and 45 days, Democrats are proposing to give federal government employees, an important component of their party’s base, paid election days at an estimated cost. to $ 800 million every two years.

Although New Hampshire does not have postal voting and requires ID cards and in-person registration, it has been in the top five states for voter turnout in the previous five presidential elections.

In fact, a minimum of inconvenience is a civic advantage if, by bringing voters together in public places on a solemn day central to the national liturgy, the electoral provisions emphasize that it is not just a matter of private considerations. .

For generations, there has been judicial enforcement of constitutional and statutory protections for voting rights. And in 2020, states rose to the challenge of conducting elections consistent with public health protocols related to the pandemic. And as the Democrats rightly insist, the vote, which broke turnout records, took place without significant embezzlement. So why more than 800 pages of revisions of electoral procedures and political practices? See above – the first sentence of the second paragraph.

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